10 Crystals that Promote Better Sleep

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The crystal experts at Tiny Rituals highlighted ten of the best crystals for sleep and how they impact the mind, body and soul.
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Getting a good night's sleep is essential to allow the body to rest, heal and rejuvenate., contributing to a healthy lifestyle. Sleep can improve mood and heart health and provide the body with an abundance of positive energy. The healing power of crystals can contribute to good sleep by soothing anxieties and clearing the mind. The crystal experts at Tiny Rituals highlighted ten of the best crystals for sleep and how they impact the mind, body and soul.

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Brett Larkin, a crystal expert at Tiny Rituals, advised placing sleep bright stones beneath a pillow or on their person to clear out negative energy. Having gemstones pressed directly against the skin throughout the day will fend off negative energy. Sitting with the crystal in a moment of meditation before bed to set an intention for deep and healing sleep can be an effective part of a nighttime routine, according to Larkin.

1. Selenite

Brings clarity and a zen like calm and removes negative energy. Selenite brings a tide of clarity to inner thoughts helping create a headspace of Zen-like calm. Helping to promote a restful night's sleep, this crystal hums with a high frequency that instantly puts you at ease.

2. Celestite

This stone connects to intuition and higher purpose. It is a mineral crystal often associated with promoting relaxation, tranquility and a sense of calm. It is believed that its properties may indirectly contribute to a more peaceful sleep environment and improved sleep quality. It also bridges the gap and helps connect you to the third eye, heart and crown chakra which leads to a deeper sense of spirituality, open-heartedness and deep intuitive wisdom.

3. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is used as a medicine for those who can suffer the consequences of an overactive mind. Promotes The gentle and joyous purple stone promotes peaceful sleep through the pathways of self-love, easing stress and taking you to a place of serenity. Lepidolite also raises our awareness of joy, gratitude and other positive emotions that help to promote a dreamy sleep.

4. Howlite

Howlite is known to slow the heartbeat to a gentle rhythm, take hot tempers down to a cooler place and stop the mind from fragmenting into a million pieces. This gentle stone is abundant in healing energy and is one of the best soothers before bed.

5. Amethyst

A famously serene stone, Amethyst is one of the most purifying and gentle stones. Amethyst is rich in healing energy and balances out your emotions and promotes happy dreams. Particularly for those who struggle with nightmares, Amethyst can provide a sense of soft security all while clearing your third eye chakra and raising your crown chakra vibrations too.

6. Angelite

Angelite promotes inner peace and fill your dreams with messages from the spirit realms. Not only does it invite you into the soft mental magic you need to sleep, but it also promotes the physical healing that leads to a higher quality of rest too.

7. Smoky Quartz

This smoky version of the quartz crystal can help you fall into REM in a matter of minutes. Smoky Quartz is a great stone to turn to when you want to manifest all your hopes and desires. It has an easygoing nature and an instant calming effect that can put you on the pathway to perfect shuteye.

8. Rose Quartz

This stone helps to instantly put your body, mind, and soul at rest. Rose Quartz is known for being one of the most radiant heart healers, meaning it can stitch up old wounds, and open your heart to love, trust and effortless self-care. By keeping Rose Quartz close by, you may find the soft flow of sleep replaces those ruminating night-time routines.

9. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline sees off all kinds of negative vibes and brings a sense of calm washing over you. Offers protection from bad dreams and keeps negative vibes at bay. This stone will see you on your way to gentle rest by letting you know that your energy is protected.

10. Moonstone

The Moonstone is soaked in feminine energy and well-equipped for calming the mind. A quick meditation with this white stone sees all that emotional tension away. Not only will Moonstone put you in a place where easy sleep is possible, but it also paves the way for lucid dreaming for those who want to delve into the depths of mastering and connecting to their subconscious

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