Hi Barbie! 5 Pink Crystals that Promote Positivity and Love

set of rose quartz minerals and spring white flowers on pink abstract background. Gemstones for Healing Crystal Ritual. esoteric spiritual practice for aura cleansing, relax, harmony

Since the release of the hit movie Barbie, everything pink is on the riseincluding gemstones! Google Trends has reported a massive increase in searches for "pink gems," and the hashtag is even picking up steam on social media. Jump on the Barbie bandwagon by bringing these pink crystals into your practice. 

1. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz's gentle energy promotes unconditional love and acceptance in all relationships—romantic, platonic and with oneself. Simply adding rose quartz to spa decor can invite positivity into your spaces, and it elevates facial and body treatments with its good vibrations. 

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2. Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is also a stone of love, though its specialty is emotional healing. The Crystal Council recommends it for those suffering from anxiety or other emotional pain, such as a breakup, so be sure to implement pink tourmaline into treatments for guests having a hard time. 

3. Morganite

Said to align best with the heart chakra, morganite is a more romantic crystal believed to open a person up to compassion and love. According to Fire Mountain Gems' "Encyclobeadia," it's perfect for Pisces, Taurus and Cancer signs, though bringing into treatments will promote healing and diminish ego for anyone. 

4. Kunzite

Kunzite is a pink-to-purple gemstone that can unblock the heart chakra and release negative emotions, including fear and anger. Gemstones.com also points out that impacting these stressors may even help improve circulation or relieve headaches, so kunzite is a great option for holistic pain management treatments

5. Pink Sapphire

Another crystal for emotional healing, pink sapphire encourages forgiveness and acceptance, ideal for those who want to move on from the past and enjoy those in their present. Practitioners looking to do more in-depth spiritual treatments will benefit from adding this stone to their tool kit. 

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