5 Spring Retreats that Cleanse & Renew the Spirit

5 Spring Retreats
These retreats include spring programming that promote longevity, mindfulness, mind-body connection and more.
Photo courtesy of THE WELL at Chileno Bay

It's time for a spring refresh. The changing of seasons is the ideal time to revamp your retreat offerings to reflect the services that your guests will be interested in as the temperatures rise. 

To make these treatments an easy addition, we've gathered inspiration from top wellness destinations. These retreats include spring programming that promote longevity, mindfulness, mind-body connection and more. 

1. Spring Wellness Retreat |  Big Cedar Lodge

Big Cedar Lodge is hosting its first-ever Spring Wellness Retreat from April 18–21, 2024. Guests will be invited to unwind, reconnect with nature, and revitalize their mind and body over the course of a four-day immersive and rejuvenating itinerary. Participants will begin their wellness journey with a welcome reception, where they will receive a custom leather journal to set intentions for the weekend, followed by nutritious meals at the Worman House, candlelit yoga, sunrise yoga, creative writing sessions, sound bath and meditation, mobility classes, skin care classes led by Luksus Owner Dr. Lili Fan, essential oils and tea blending workshops, a lake cruise and nature walk and more. Day two on the journey will be spent at the nearby Finley Farms, where guests will participate in a Honey health workshop with beekeeper Hanna Price, a farm tour followed by a foraging and cooking class, indigo dyes workshop and more.

2. G.O.D. Collective | THE WELL at Chileno Bay

From April 4-7, 2024, visiting Master Ashley Ray will lead guests at Chileno Bay Resort & Residences through a transformative weekend of healing. Ray is an energetic bodyworker and the visionary behind G.O.D Collective in Todos Santos, Mexico. She is known to be a changemaker when it comes to redefining the way the wellness industry gives people access to true healing that encompasses the mind, body and soul. Ray has been offering Somatic Facial Experiences for over a decade, which includes a personalized reading of the auric energy field. Guests participating in her wellness weekend series can embark on journeys including an Earth Embodiment Healing session, Somatic Facials and Auric Readings, and an Earth Embodiment Journey with sound therapy, botanicals and essential oils, and group and private readings. 

3. Release and Restore with Ahanā Yoga | Etéreo, Auberge Resorts Collection

Guests will gather for a three-day yoga immersion that features an exclusive collaboration with renowned international yoga instructor Dawn B. of Miami’s Ahanā Yoga. Participants will enjoy daily yoga sessions that blend the formal, breath-based essence of ashtanga yoga with her signature creative sequencing and expressionist style of Ahanā Yoga, plus exclusive wellness rituals that integrate the sacred sensibilities of Mayan well-being, customized menus featuring nourishing ingredients at dining venues and more.

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4. Core Club Retreat with Pilates by Amanda | Susurros del Corazón

Guests can discover their strength and renew their mind before summer with Los Angeles-based pilates instructor, Amanda Kassar. This captivating wellness weekend of intentional revitalization and movement will take place at Susurros on Punta Mita’s jungled coastline. The retreat will feature low-intensity, body sculpting workouts classes led by Amanda, spiritually healing and culturally rich Susurros experiences, and nourishing meals prepared with local ingredients by an expert culinary team. 

5. Creative Wellness Retreat | The Lake House on Canandaigua

Guided by expert instructors, students will embark on a path of self-discovery through mindful gentle yoga, sound immersion, meditation, drawing, painting, and sculpture, while immersing the mind and body in the essence of the hotel’s tranquil grounds. The retreat will be led by expert yoga and wellness instructor, Suzanne Haynes, award-winning artist and educator, Paul Frazer, and integrative therapist, Jen Saul-Agnitti. The Creative Wellness Retreat is the first of a series of Masterclasses to take place at The Lake House on April 21, 2024. 

The Importance of a Seasonal Programming Refresh

Many associate spring with a new beginning; a time to organize, cleanse and rejuvenate their surroundings, and oftentimes themselves. It's not always easy to create a brand new menu of wellness and spa services with each season, but in this case the effort is worth the reward. It's essential to work with your guests to understand their spring wellness goals, and create retreat programming that caters to these interests. 

By updating your offerings each season, you are staying up to date with trending wellness services, while also providing innovative treatments that match the nuances of the current season. Spring retreat programming not only boosts guests' interest, but also generates seasonal income and new customer growth. 

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