6 Benefits of Massages Before & After Workouts

woman getting neck massage in workout clothes
Getting a massage before or after a workout can be equally important.

Getting a massage before or after a workout can be equally important as it offers different benefits depending on the results clients want to achieve. Here are three benefits of getting a sports massage before working out and getting a sports massage after working out, courtesy of the fitness experts at Total Shape.

The experts at Total Shape also pointed out that clients should receive sports massages from therapists who are trained in that segment, as standard massage therapists without sports rub training may provide more intense muscle kneading that leaves muscles tired and in pain. Research has also shown that using too much pressure during a massage can cause muscle soreness, which can lead to headaches and a lack of motivation to train. 

Benefits of a massage pre-workout

1. Mood enhancer

A pre-workout massage can stimulate the production of feel-good hormones by easing muscle stress and tension. Endorphine, dopamine, and serotonin are some examples of hormones and neurotransmitters that help with overall well-being, focus and motivation to work out, per Total Shape.

2. Increase energy and strength

A pre-workout massage can help increase blood flow throughout the body, giving muscles more energy and strength and allowing for longer workouts with heavier weights. 

3. Helps enhance movement and flexibility

A pre-workout massage can help loosen tight muscles around the joints. This makes it easier for the joints to move freely within their normal range. By moving better and being more flexible, clients can lower the chance of getting injured while working out, according to Total Shape experts.

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Benefits of a Post-Workout Massage

1. Hasten post-workout recovery

Post-workout massages can help muscles heal and recover from micro-tears caused by heavy workouts by increasing blood circulation. This means that oxygen and micronutrients are delivered quickly to tissue fibers, assisting in their repair. 

2. Decrease muscle soreness

Massage can help relieve sore muscles after a strenuous workout because applying moderate pressure to muscles forces blood to other parts of the body. This brings more oxygen and nutrients to the area, which helps get rid of stiffness faster and reduce inflammation, per Total Shape.

3. Reduces mind and body stress

A massage session after a workout, like a pre-exercise massage, can help the mind and body feel less stressed by providing total relaxation. This helps raise the levels of feel-good hormones, making clients feel much better after a long, tough workout.

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