Expanding Your Massage Offerings

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Massages are a great way for client's to de-stress and get a little me-time, but it could be time to go beyond the classic Swedish massage. 

Health Essentials explains the benefits of different massages and how you can incorporate them into your spa.

Deep Tissue

These massages are great for clients who tend to have tight muscles or chronic muscle pain. For those who work at a computer and may hunch over or spend their days driving, a deep tissue massage can help. 

Sports Massage

This is great for, you guessed it, those who play sports. A different type of muscle tightness comes from repetitive physical activity or any impact from sports the body may receive. 

Trigger Point Massage

A trigger point is also known as single knot or tight spot. For this massage, direct pressure is applied to those spots. According to Health Essential, this increases blood flow to the areas, helping them release and can be helpful for people with chronic pain. 

Myofascial Release

The fascia is a web of connective tissue under the skin. To perform this massage, knead and stretch the muscles and fascia to work out tension and tightness. 

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic drainage can help the body's immune system and has a role to produce and transport lymph fluid throughout the body. To help those fluids flow, a lymphatic massage can benefit those with inflammation or have any issues with their lymph nodes. 

Prenatal Massages

Both the physical and mental stress of pregnancy can be wearing on a person. A prenatal massage focuses on the swollen legs and ankles, helping relieve pressure and aches.

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