A Postpartum Spa Package—From a Postpartum Woman

Loving mom carying of her newborn baby at home
By Alena Ozerova - stock.adobe.com

As wellness programs evolve to cater to women at all stages in their lives, postpartum offerings are in high demand. While luxury destinations are now hosting lavish (and much needed) retreats, you'll be happy to hear that moms will also appreciate a spa that keeps it simple. In fact, you likely already offer the types of treatments that a new mother desperately needs. 

It's true that pregnancy and birth take a toll on the body, and the following months also come with their own physical challenges. This is where spas and wellness facilities can really shine!

I was five months postpartum when I started thinking about this article, and two months later I can safely say that all of this still applies. So, let's break down some head-to-toe postpartum spa treatments that you can start offering today.

(You'll want to make sure that your client has been cleared by their doctor to receive treaments, especially if they've had a c-section or the pregnancy/birth was otherwise traumatic.)

Skin Care

With a baby in the house, sleep is at a premium. So, other self-carespecifically skin careoften ends up on the backburner. There were even times when, given the choice between washing my face or going straight to bed, my bed won out. 

For mothers at this point, pretty much any kind of professional facial is much appreciated, but a deep clean is necessary. 

At the same time, postpartum skin can be slightly more sensitive than usual, so your cleansing facial should also be relatively gentle. Hydradermabrasion really helps de-gunk the pores, and blue light therapy combats any lingering bacteria. 

Meanwhile, a natural, gentle brightener like azelaic acid is perfect for guests whose hormonal fluctuations caused melasma or redness (or both, like me). You'll usually see this in Fitzpatrick types III and up. 

You can also work to deliver lots of hydration and nourishment to the skin, as it is highly likely that the complexion will be lacking in those areas. Added red light therapy will encourage some healthy skin cell activity, resulting in a glowing and grateful mom!

Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back

The early days of motherhood are incredibly hard on the neck, shoulders and upper back, thanks to carrying, feeding, burping and rocking a growing baby. I'm also sorry to report that from about two to four months, many infants experience an uptick in acid reflux; I know a few moms, including myself, who have become experts at sleeping upright while holding a little one. 

Suffice it to say, all of those muscles are tight and achy, so a tension-relieving massage is in order. Pair it with some relaxing aromatherapy or a percussion massage gun for the tougher knots, and you will have a hit on your hands. 

Massages can include a lymphatic drainage element, too (as long as the guest has been medically cleared). A lot of new moms experience fluid retention and bloating, and being exhausted with an infant isn't exactly conducive to an active lifestyle. Manually moving that lymph and other fluid for them helps counteract the sedentary nature of those early days and, for me at least, it really works to uplift mood and energy levels. 

Lower Back & Glutes

There are a number of reasons why a lower back and glute massage is a must for postpartum clients. Like many women, I developed sciatica while pregnant and, although it faded over time, it never really went away. Yoga and stretching at home helps, of course, but nothing fixes a flareup faster than massage therapy on the low back and glutes. 

Pregnancy also stretches out the abdominal muscles, and they can take a while to come back; seven months out and mine are still not 100%. Until those core muscles are working like normal, the lower back has to take over for every physical activityeven just walking. A massage not only relieves that tension, but gets some bloodflow to the area, leaving your guest more refreshed and ready to get back to it. 

Legs, Hands & Feet

Again, most beauty regimens fall by the wayside in those early days of motherhood, so even the simplest treatments can help clients feel more themselves. A full leg wax, for instance, goes a long way toward making her feel beautiful while lifting the burden of worrying about when she'll find the time to do it herself. It may not seem glamorous or even relaxing, but plenty of new moms will appreciate it more than you know; I even doze off on the waxing table to this day!

A manicure and pedicure are also perfect for combining some relaxation with a beauty treatment. They should include parrafin or another skin-softening treatment and, ideally, a hand and foot massage. Clients will leave feeling pampered and pretty, and with a special place for your spa in their hearts. 

Again, your spa likely offers some or all of these services already—and a new mom will appreciate each one. This bundle of treatments can be its own postpartum pampering menu, where clients can choose one offering a la carte, or pick two to three for a nice package. Or, they can enjoy a full spa day with the whole thing. Believe me, they earned it!

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