Babor and Revieve Collaborate on Digital Skin Advisor and Skin Coach to Enhance Customer Experience

Babor x Revieve - Case Study
BABOR Digital Skin Advisor provides customers with a detailed skin analysis and personalized skin care routine.
Photo Courtesy of Babor Cosmetics and Revieve

Beauty tech platform Revieve and skin care brand Babor have collaboratively launched the Babor Digital Skin Advisor, providing customers with a detailed skin analysis and personalized skin care routine, and Skin Coach, a post-purchase experience that allows consumers to set skin goals and track skin progress over time.

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Following the launch of the Babor Digital Skin Advisor, an experience that provides customers with a detailed skin analysis and personalized skin care routine, Babor introduced Skin Coach, a post-purchase experience that enhances customer loyalty and commitment.

This experience supports customers in setting skin goals, tracking changes in their skin over time and delivering relevant content tailored to their needs. By providing expert advice and dynamic routine recommendations, the Babor Skin Coach empowers users to achieve their skin care objectives while capturing valuable data to inform future strategies.

Andreas Wolf, VP of Global Digital & DtC, Babor, said, “Our aim was to develop a platform that educates, guides new customers in finding the right products, and deepens our understanding of our customers' needs. We chose Revieve as our technology partner due to their advanced technology and their team's ability to develop a genuine partnership with us. Revieve's solutions provided us with a unique level of customization that perfectly aligned with our unique brand philosophy. This flexibility allowed us to create customer experiences that authentically reflected the essence of Babor."

According to the brand, Babor experienced an increase of 82% in conversion rates and a 19% increase in Average Order Value (AOV) during Q4 2023 while capturing over 1.3 million new data points. This groundbreaking solution has not only enhanced customer acquisition but has also deepened Babor's understanding of its consumer base.

In Q4 2023, Babor saw a significant 442% conversion uplift compared to other users and a 47% increase in AOV with the solution. Users actively engaged, setting an average of 3.92 personalized skin goals, illustrating the solution's effectiveness in driving consumer engagement and loyalty.

“This strategic collaboration enabled us to stay at the forefront of innovation to enhance Babor's consumer journey with tailored personalized experiences,” said Sampo Parkkinen, CEO of Revieve. “Through our solutions, Babor received impeccable results that demonstrated our dedication to deepening customer engagement and providing insights to understand and meet the ever-changing wants of consumers.”

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