Gharieni Group Launches Metawell Brand with Focus on Mind/Body Wellness Technologies

Metawell is a new brand under the Gharieni Group umbrella.
Photo courtesy of Gharieni Group

The Gharieni Group has launched Metawell, a new brand that will exclusively identify and communicate its Mind/Body Wellness Technologies offering in the global market. Metawell represents the final phase in a restructuring that the group has been undergoing to implement a new market segmentation strategy. The new brand will operate under the umbrella of the Gharieni Group, featuring a new group corporate logo.

Metawell was born out of the need to provide services hybrid in the Mind/Body or Touchless wellness arena. It communicates the collection of experience beds, loungers and equipment that deliver the integration of traditional modalities such as sound, vibration, light and water, harnessed by the power of the latest technology, with ease and efficacy for the 21st-century wellness experience.

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During this transitional period, the new communications strategy will be applied across all internal and external visual representations for each brand. The Gharieni Group’s headquarters in Moers, Germany, will serve as the umbrella organization for all three brands: Gharieni, Bentlon and Metawell. In addition to repositioning the Gharieni Brand and launching Metawell, the Group has integrated the Dutch brand Bentlon into its portfolio rebranding, which caters to a younger, contemporary customer base, specializing in serving a new generation of small spa and salon operators.

Sammy Gharieni, Gharieni Group’s founder and CEO, said, “After more than 30 years of pioneering in the industry, I am so excited to announce this new direction for our company, and for our industry. We have seen the need to lead in this sector given that there is still much confusion, lack of clarity, and gaps in knowledge on how to best create value for consumers and business owners using Mind/Body Wellness Technologies. We see a tremendous opportunity to deepen our thought leadership in this sector and create new possibilities for industry collaborations. Metawell has been conceived for bringing a platform to this area and we look forward to engaging with other innovative brands where we can create a lot of added value by working together. We are looking forward to this new era in Wellness, and to continuing to expand the market, future-focused, outside-the-box and packed with value for all stakeholders,"

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