7 Resorts Offering Water-focused Wellness Therapies

Alila Ventana Spa Cold Plunge
Alila Ventana Big Sur offers the Private Coldstream Bliss: Breath and Plunge Experience for guests.
Photo courtesy of Alila Ventana

Cold water therapy is popular for its variable health benefits including reduced inflammation, higher energy levels, improved quality of sleep, more focus and improved immune response. These seven hotels offer cold plunges and cold water immersion-focused well-being experiences to cater to this 2024 wellness trend.

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1. Alila Ventana Big Sur | Big Sur, California

Alila Ventana Big Sur's Private Coldstream Bliss: Breath and Plunge Experience immerses guests in deep, rejuvenating breathwork to clear the mind and reduce stress, beginning with a hike to a hidden stream amongst the redwoods followed by an exhilarating plunge into cold water to awaken the senses and reconnect to mindfulness. This dynamic combination in nature leaves guests feeling refreshed, energized and deeply alive.

2. Silvestre Nosara | Nosara, Costa Rica

Silvestre Nosara was built off the properties of its healthful destination in only one of five Blue Zones – the hotel features just nine luxury residences with cold plunges and saunas in several rooms to offer visitors the opportunity to start their day with a plunge pre or post-surf. The cold plunge is meant to reduce muscle inflammation and soreness by constricting blood vessels and decreasing metabolic activity, which may aid in muscle recovery while the saunas help to relax muscles and relieve tension.

3. Rancho La Puerta | Tecate, México

Rancho La Puerta offers guests a unique reawakening and spiritual mental escape with water exercise and therapy, including Aqua Board, H20 Boot Camp classes, Deep Water Training and more. Plus, for those looking to recover, Rancho La Puerta also offers WATSU — water flow therapy and cold plunges for guests to use.

4. Andronis Arcadia | Oia, Santorini

The Evexia Spa at Andronis Arcadia offers unique treatments such as the Water Path Treatment and Kneipp pools. Kneipp therapy is a hydrotherapy where water serves as a mediator of temperature stimuli. The interaction of warm and cold water strengthens the immune system and blood circulation. The two pools are uniquely shaped in the form of an “L,” one side with cold water and the other with hot. Guests walk the paths with only 3.5 feet of water depth. Different shaped stones ignite reflexology points in the base of the feet line of each pool’s floor. The journey begins with cryotherapy wraps and clay mask infusions for the lower extremities. A guided walk through the Kneipp pools is the next step and the journey ends with a Foot Rescue massage.

5. The Chedi Andermatt | Andermatt, Switzerland

The Spa at The Chedi Andermatt features warm and cold water plunge pools. This hydrotherapy space has three warm baths and one cold bath with temperatures ranging from 107ºF all the way down to 64ºF. Guests can indulge in the endless health benefits of these temperature-controlled pools like improving muscle relaxation in the warm baths after a long ski day in the Alps, then stimulating their senses with cryotherapy in the cold pool, to reduce pain, improve blood circulation and boost muscle recovery.

6. JOALI BEING | Bodufushi, Maldives

JOALI BEING features transformational spaces that allow guests to immerse themselves in elemental therapies and healing experiences, including separate male and female hydrotherapy areas, the ice grotto, sauna, steam, vitality pools, verdant gardens and treatment rooms equipped with a signature sound-tuned to planetary frequencies and in synergy with its location on the island. The resort features a cryo:one chamber, and various treatments including cryotherapy such as the Rapid Recovery Booster, designed to repair and regenerate the skin using hyaluronic acid and manual lymphatic drainage, while age-reversing plant stem cells are infused for deeper activation and cryo-drainage calms the skin and resets its radiance; the eye-boosting Target Intensifeye, and the Legs, Hips & Gluteal Detox, designed to detoxify and tone the upper legs, hips, glutes and lower back with a purifying scrub followed by a focused myofascial massage, cupping and cryotherapy before concluding with a detoxifying body wrap using infrared heat.

7. Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa | San Diego, California

Guests at Rancho Valencia can enjoy the spa pool and embark on a Guided Hydrotherapy Circuit utilizing various temperatures to elevate heart rate, boost blood flow and enhance respiration for a detoxifying effect. This rejuvenating experience promotes increased circulation throughout the body, delivering fresh oxygen to cells and cleansing the lungs through deep breathing. Set amidst a tranquil and lush atmosphere, Rancho Valencia’s Hydrotherapy Circuit features outdoor steam and sauna facilities, invigorating cold plunge options and hand-painted tiled whirlpools with soothing fountains, creating an idyllic retreat for holistic well-being.

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