4 Cold Plunge Experiences from Top Destinations

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Cold plunges are rising in popularity yet again, the ideal wellness experience to support good immunity, circulation, lymphatic drainage and even metabolism.

Check out these unique cold plunge experiences from four renowned wellness destinations.

  1. Sand Valley Resort's Cold Water Therapy is available year-round as part of the property's back-to-nature programming. The cold plunge experience is aimed at helping guests restore the mind and body, with physiological and psychological benefits that come from reconnecting with nature. 
  2. The Monkey Tree Hotel's Scandanavian Hot-Cold Circuit is available to guests and participants of the property's yoga retreats. They are welcome to soothe their muscles in the Scandanavian spa hot-cold circuit to induce relaxation and decrease the stress response by soothing the nervous system.
  3. The Standard Hotel’s Arctic Plunge is part of the resort's outdoor hydrotherapy playground. The icy, 50° waters in the arctic plunge pool increases heart rate and kickstarts circulation. Muscle contractions get blood and lymph fluid moving to clear out bodily impurities. 
  4. Miraval Berkshires’ Cold Immersion for Building Resilience will debut in 2022. In this cold, physiological experience, a Miraval specialist will guide guests using breathwork, mindset meditation and cold immersion to help them build resilience and unlock dormant potential.
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