World Spa Adds IV Therapy to its Spa Treatment Offerings

Beautiful Caucasian woman sitting in armchair during medicine procedure in spa salon
World Spa is adding iv therapy to its spa menu.
Viacheslav Yakobchuk -

World Spa, an urban bathhouse and wellness destination in Brooklyn, is adding IV therapy to its full-service wellness offerings. The new menu of IV treatments is designed to revitalize and energize guests during their experience while enhancing the spa's authentic and cultural treatment offerings.

The new menu of IV treatment services offers 11 different types of vitamin-infused IVs crafted to address a diverse range of wellness needs and elevate the overall spa experience. From combating dehydration to enhancing energy levels and addressing the lingering effects in the morning after a night out, each treatment offers a unique and targeted approach to well-being.

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Operated by Columbus Medical, the treatments have been exclusively developed by the licensed medical entity. The IV therapies are tailored with the assistance of an experienced medical 'sommelier,' guiding clients through a variety of treatments including Energy Boost, Hydration Mix, Stomach Soother and NAD+ Boost treatments.

In addition to the IV treatments, guests can indulge in a combination of diverse authentic spa experiences from around the world, featuring Eastern European banyas, Finnish saunas, Turkish and Moroccan hammams, Himalayan salt therapy, Japanese onsens, and an array of saunas, steam rooms and pools.

Lenny Vays, World Spa managing director, said, “At World Spa, we are dedicated to offering a diverse range of wellness experiences that cater to the individual needs of our guests and make our spa a one-stop premiere destination where guests can immerse themselves in treatments from across the globe,. The introduction of the new range of premium quality vitamin IV therapies contributes to our Spa’s holistic approach to well-being and commitment to innovative wellness solutions.”

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