3 Foods That Affect Pain & Healing After Procedures

Wooden bowl of pumpkin seeds and a spoon.
Pumpkin seeds contains high quantities of zinc.
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The connection between gut health and overall wellbeing has been strongly established and what clients choose to eat has a significant impact on their lives. Even after procedures, it can affect recovery efforts.

Kylie Bensley, a certified nutritionist and founder of Sulinu Nutrition shared insider tips, dos and don’ts and revealed how best to prep the body for optimal healing. Bensley has dedicated her career to customizing nutrition plans for people undergoing and recovering from health procedures.


She pointed out that what patients consume before undergoing elective surgeries or getting botox, microneedling or filler has a direct effect on recovery and healing. Bensley recommends incorporating these three high-quality healthy ingredients.

1. Tart Cherries

Proven to reduce pain and inflammation, tart cherries are great to consume before an injection or micro-needling appointment.

2. Pumpkin Seeds

Bensley said pumpkin seeds contain high quantities of zinc, which activates the enzyme collagenase, breaking down collagen in old tissue to make way for new collagen production.

3. Bell Pepper

Contains high levels of vitamin C, which is essential as it converts proline to hydroxyproline, two essential amino acids that make up collagen. Bensley said hydroxyproline is crucial to collagen and without the helix of amino acids can be impaired. 

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