Holistic Pain Management Techniques for Facials and Beyond

Holistic Pain Management Techniques for Facials and Beyond
In facial and spa treatments, you can help clear a multitude of issues for guests by implementing a combination of conscious breath, reiki and meridian acupoints.

I learned about alternative healing methods and eliminating pain in an unconventional way. Years ago, my dog Konika Snow’s back went out. At the veterinarian’s office, someone recommended a chiropractor; within an hour, a friend told me her chiropractor worked on dogs. I took this as a sign.

Have your client take three deep breaths.

Place your hands side by side, directly on the pain; you can also sandwich the area by placing your hands on either side.

Depending on the severity of the pain, you will feel heat and even a strong vibration or throbbing. Move your hands until you find the area with the most energy and remain in place.

The feeling may get more intense, or it may start to dissipate. As the heat subsides, so does the pain.

Move your hands to areas near the initial pain to see if it moved. Continue doing this until your hands cool off. Most pain is relieved within 2 to 5 minutes.

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