6 Regimens to Add to Clients' Personalized Wellness Plans

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We asked if you provide personalized wellness plans for your clients, and the results were intriguing:

  • Yes: 50%
  • No: 25%
  • Not now, but I am interested: 25%

It's great to see that 75% of our readers are either interested in creating tailored plans or already offer them, since personalized wellness is more than a trend—it's an industry standard! We've put together this quick guide to help you get started, refresh or completely overhaul your wellness plans for guests. 

1. Educating Clients About Creating Self-Care Routines: It's important to educate massage therapy clients about simple changes they can make to relieve tension and avoid long-term pain, whether they suffer from chronic tension or are only visit every now and then. 

2. Six Foods + Nutrients for Glowing and Healthy Skin: Your guests come to you for the best professional skin care treatments, and you can give them some holistic advice in addition to home care. This list features foods that can enhance their skin holistically, as well as their overall health. 

3. 'Exercise Snacking' Can Guide Clients to Healthy Habits: It's tough to maintain a regular fitness routine, so much so that it may deter many guests from even getting started. Suggest they build healthy habits by trying "exercise snacking," which consists of smaller, more manageable workouts. 

4. Digital Detox Tips for Spa Treatments and At Home: Encourage clients to disconnect while at home with these digital detox ideas, which can be easily customized to fit anyone's preferences. 

5. Seven Surprising Body Benefits of Oil Showering/Bathing: Oil showering or bathing is a full body self-care regimen that is not just trending, but also very beneficial for the skin and body. Recommend this as a solution for guests with dry skin, dandruff, stress and more. 

6. [Recipe] Grab a Sleepy Girl Mocktail and Get Some Rest! Since sleep is so important to mental wellness, suggest clients jump on this fun nighttime mocktail trend! This viral sensation is super simple and packed with sleep-enhancing properties.

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