Robosculptor Showcases AI-driven Body Contouring Versatility

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Robosculptor is an AI-driven body contouring robot designed to transform non-invasive body treatments. It is highly versatile and adaptable to tailor to individual needs, offering a range of treatments from medical massages to skin rejuvenation.

Robosculptor features real-time control over body positioning and tool adjustment, ensuring optimal precision during treatments. This innovative feature is essential as it compensates for any patient movement during sessions, maintaining the accuracy of each application.

Utilizing advanced 3D dynamic control, the Robosculptor first captures the estimated dimensions of a patient’s body. It then employs a high-speed 3D camera to scan and create a detailed model of the body in just 10 seconds. This model helps in crafting a customized treatment plan, adjusting the trajectory and movement of tools dynamically to accommodate any shifts or movements by the patient.

Robosculptor is equipped to handle a variety of tools that can be attached to enhance its functionality, catering to specific treatment requirements.

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