Gen-Z Experiences the Most Regular Stress and Burnout: Muse Report

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Muse reports that Gen Z had the lowest brain health scores among generations.
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The 2024 Muse Brain Health Report revealed that brain health scores are rising. Millennials scored highest in self-reported brain health scores, however, Gen Z scored the lowest of all generations, the same outcome as Muse's 2022 report.

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Gen-Z reported having the highest levels of regular stress (65%) and burnout (52%) compared to boomers who felt stressed (29%) and burnout (15%). Gen Z were most likely to feel lonely (43%), while only 19% of boomers reported loneliness. Overall, boomers were the most consistent with the highest levels of positive traits, with about 70% feeling loved and happy, per the report.

At least 2 in 5 Americans (40%) believe they have undiagnosed brain health conditions (anxiety, depression, etc.) and one-third (33%) of respondents say they are unable to receive an official diagnosis due to the high cost of diagnostic services. Among the 40% of Americans who believe they have undiagnosed brain health conditions, anxiety (20%) and depression (19%) are the most commonly suspected conditions.

The other leading reasons for a lack of diagnosis are a high cost of diagnostic services (33%), fear or anxiety (31%), and lack of awareness of available options (29%).

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