3 Sober Retreats That Provide Sobriety Support & Programming

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Wellness retreats can help provide space for reflection and consideration of how to improve overall well-being. That can include behavioral changes and tweaks to diets, activity or substance use.

For guests who want to expand "Dry January" to a yearlong lifestyle change, these three sober retreats happening this spring can help provide the support, tips and accountability needed to stop drinking alcohol. 

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1. Mommy Doesn’t Need Wine

The Mommy Doesn't Need Wine Retreat takes place from April 11-14, 2024, at Melia Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The retreat is perfect for guests looking to ditch their glass of wine per day habit. Led by Shannon McCabe, a sober and holistic nutrition coach, guests will learn how to rewire their mindset around alcohol, discover healthy habits to replace booze and the role of fitness and nutrition in their new sober lifestyle.

2. Sober in Central Park Retreat

The Sober in Central Park Retreat, taking place April 18-22, 2024, at Bacalar Resort, Mexico, is led by Rachel Hechtman, founder of the program, and will help guests build a thriving, healthy, and alcohol-free lifestyle. Whether they're taking their first steps toward sobriety or have been on this journey for months, Rachel will equip them with the tools and techniques that she used to transform her life and remain sober.

3. Dream and Discover the Dry Life

Led by Megan Wilcox, The Dream and Discover the Dry Life retreat takes place from May 31-June 3, 2024, at Enliven in Green River, Vermont. The experience will teach guests how to take a break from alcohol and how to live a fun alcohol-free life. Participants will have the chance to make deep bonds with other women on the same path. Through workshops during the 4 days/3 nights retreat, guests will learn how to regain self-confidence, set new goals, release the past and ways to socialize sans alcohol. The retreat also includes one-on-one sessions with Wilcox and yoga and meditation sessions.

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