Taking the Waters: Hydrotherapy as a Social Wellness and Longevity Experience

Group of male and female friends visiting bathhouse in holidays, being overjoyed and happy, enjoying jacuzzi in hot wooden round barrel
According to Medical News Today, hydrotherapy means, “using water as therapy in any form.”
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The idea of “taking the waters” in all its modalities has encompassed an integral part of health and well-being, from ancient times to today’s post-modern revival of urban bathing, thermal resorts and water-based treatments. We are in a new era of salutem per aquam—or health by water! But what if we thought about hydrotherapy using a much wider lens than just a list of therapies and their benefits? By taking inspiration from hydrotherapy’s rich past, considering the needs of today and envisioning the future, we can connect this offering to other megatrends in our industry: the quest for longevity and social wellness. Here’s a closer look.

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