Wylder Windham & Alice Mushrooms' Mushroom-Centric Wellness Experience

Babbler's is the signature restaurant at Wylder Windham.
Babbler's is the signature restaurant at Wylder Windham.
Photo courtesy of Wylder Windham

Wylder Windham is partnering to bring Alice Mushrooms products and inspired activities to its resort, including foraging walks, mushroom-centric culinary delights, S'mores and Stargazing and more. Alice Mushrooms is a decadent chocolate brand that combines the long-term benefits of high-quality, functional mushrooms with the immediate effects of nootropics and adaptogens. All Alice Mushrooms experiences will be complimentary to guests, except for Babbler’s Mushroom Meals.

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“Wylder Windham is all about enjoying the unique, local vibe of the magical town of Windham, and embracing the wide-open spaces and timeless pleasures that the land has to offer,” said John Flannigan, Founder of Wylder Hotels. “Partnering with Alice Mushrooms to provide our guests with even more immersive wellness experiences aligns perfectly with our mission to help travelers disconnect from the stresses of our everyday world and reconnect with nature and our overall well-being.”

The Brainstorm Foraging Walk, led by local foraging expert Renee Baume, will begin with Alice Mushrooms Brainstorm, made from Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps to support brain health and cognitive function. Foragers will search and collect wild edibles, herbal plants and nature crafts while tapping into the environment around them.

S’mores and Stargazing is a signature experience at the resort, featuring Alice Mushrooms Nightcap made with reishi to regulate sleep cycles while simultaneously delivering an immediate feeling of nighttime relaxation.

Deep Work Mushroom Stations were created for the digital nomad, Wylder Windham will be launching a series of convenient working spaces throughout the property, primed and prepped for remote workers or leisure travelers, featuring Alice Mushrooms Brainstorm.

Mushroom Meals at Babbler’s is at Wylder Windham’s signature restaurant. Executive chef Thomas Gulbrandsen has worked closely with Alice Mushrooms to incorporate Alice’s functional mushroom into the menu. The result is a signature dish, the Wellness Dip, a traditional roast garlic hummus with the addition of the lion's mane mushroom.

“We’re thrilled to team up with Wylder Windham, a leader in wellness travel, to spread awareness of the benefits of functional mushrooms,” said Charlotte Cruze, Co-Founder and COO of Alice Mushrooms. “Our organic mushroom chocolates are designed to support health and well-being naturally, so we couldn’t ask for a better partner to help us achieve our mission.”

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