FoxyDetox's Innovative Four-Phase Cleanse Circuit Promotes Detoxification

lymphatic drainage
The four-phase cleanse circuit targets the organs and pathways responsible for detoxification.
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The four-phase cleanse circuit at FoxyDetox is an innovative treatment designed to target the organs and pathways responsible for detoxification, providing a holistic wellness approach to improving wellbeing. Phases include a sauna experience, lymphatic system refresh, a cleansing journey for a healthy guy and an IV detox pack.

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1. Bolster Reglow

FoxyDetox's Hocatt Sauna provides a blend of heat, carbon dioxide, infrared lights and ozone designed to boost circulation, enhance immunity, promote relaxation and stimulate mental clarity.

2. Exercise Recycle

Reawaken the lymphatic system with the gentle pressure of FoxyDetox's FlowPresso, encouraging cellular energy, enhancing the parasympathetic nervous system and promoting optimal blood flow.

3. Cleanse Your Remove

Treat the digestive tract to a cleansing journey with Colon Hydrotherapy, flushing out waste, improving nutrient absorption and balancing healthy gut flora for enhanced immune function.

4. Eliminate Reactivate

Protect the body from toxins with our Bio Detox IV, packed with essential vitamins and minerals to boost energy production, support immune function and hydrate at a cellular level.

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