6 Treatments that Fight Brain Fog

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The spa can be the perfect solution to brain fog.
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Stress and mental burnout are an unavoidable part of life. The spa can be the perfect solution for guests looking to unwind. Here is a glimpse of the amenities at Royalton Luxury Resort and Planet Hollywood Spa & Beauty Bar, two Blue Diamond Resorts properties that offer a solution to brain fog.

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As an essential part of the Royalton Luxury Resort vacation experience, The Royal Spa provides guests with a place to truly invest in their wellness. The wide range of personalized treatments and packages ensures that everyone finds tranquility and peace. 

Planet Hollywood Spa & Beauty Bar treats guests like pampered celebrities with a wide variety of bespoke treatments. Take an hour (or two) to unwind in the Salt Room where the pink Himalayan salt walls will not only clear skin and airways but also your mind of any worries that have been looming.

Blue Diamond Resorts properties are also well equipped for those guests who prioritize their physical shape. The Royalton Fit gyms offer fitness programming from personal training sessions, yoga group classes, Pilates and CrossFit, to physical activities like pickleball, tennis and surfing.

Planet Hollywood Pumped gyms specialize in keeping their guests in tip-top, movie star shape. The Hollywood Hills Legs/Glutes bootcamp and Hollywood Abs group training session will have legs and mid-section toned and beach-ready. Meanwhile, the Spartan Challenge beach obstacle course will test physical limits in a fun and exciting way. The H2O Groove Pool Zumba classes will provide a full-body cardio workout while keeping cool in the pool.

1. Bamboo Therapy (Royal Spa)

Using real bamboo poles, this relaxation alternative deeply stimulates skin, muscles and nervous system to create a regenerative body exfoliation.

2. Premium Coffee Body Wrap (Royal Spa)

With this awakening treatment, guests will experience all the anti-inflammatory benefits on the skin, including improved elasticity for a healthier and rejuvenated look.

3. Hot Stone Massage (Royal Spa)

This 80-minute massage will have muscles feeling extra refreshed and relaxed as the heat of the stones allows the therapist to reach deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.

4. Ayurvedic Massage (Planet Hollywood)

Through this traditional Indian massage method, the use of essential oils will have the immune system reinvigorated and anxiety reduced.

5. Surround Sound (Planet Hollywood)

In this unique massage, the natural sounds of the sea combined with healing vibrations and the placement of hot stones will have guests deeply relaxed and will improve their physical, emotional and spiritual state.

6. A-List Mani and Red Carpet Pedi (Planet Hollywood)

Besides massages, guests can treat themselves to one of the Hollywood hand treatments that will have their nails buffed and shiny.

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