Holistic Body Contouring, Skin Care and Sleep Treatments to Add to Your Menu

Beautiful young woman having sound healing holistic treatment in health spa center
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We asked which holistic treatments are of interest to you, and the results are in:

  • Holistic Skin Care - 38%
  • Holistic Bodywork - 24%
  • Both - 38%

Since it's clear that holistic treatments for the skin and body are in high demand, we've gathered some treatment inspiration for your menu. 

The Power of Mushrooms for Holistic Beauty and Wellness: "Therapeutically, mushrooms offer natural solutions for common skin issues, [thanks to] their inherent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties ... Beyond skin health, mushrooms play a significant role in overall wellness and immunity."

7 Holistic Body Contouring Treatments: "There are a number of natural, noninvasive ways to achieve a toned body using a gentler, more integrated approach ... Not only is the body shape gently modified, but overall health and well-being is preserved and often enhanced."

Defining Holistic Skin Care—and How Spas Can Practice It: “Holistic skin care is the practice of combining whole-body homeostasis with topical remedies to promote healthy skin. When your body and mind are in balance, your skin will follow suit.”

4 Holistic Sleep Treatments at Shangri-La Resorts: "These four Shangri-La resorts feature holistic sleep treatments to help travelers find restful sleep during their vacations and beyond."

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