4 Ways to Reconnect with Nature for Global Wellness Day

Global Wellness Day founder Belgin Aksoy
Global Wellness Day founder Belgin Aksoy
Photo courtesy of Global Wellness Day

Global Wellness Day (GWD) is set to mark its 13th annual celebration on Saturday, June 8, 2024, with the theme #MagentaNature. Activities range from volunteer firefighters educating communities about nature to prenatal yoga, art and music therapy for expectant mothers. Full moon yoga accompanied by medicine sound therapy to the Blackfeet Tribe sharing their Indigenous and traditional ecological knowledge also encompasses the event. #MagentaNature symbolizes a journey of reconnection with nature, inviting individuals to embrace the transformative power of harmonizing with surrounding elements.

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Global Wellness Day’s focus this year is on the profound connection between humanity and the natural world, advocating for a comprehensive approach to well-being. A connection with the natural world, #MagentaNature is essential for overall well-being, where nature is not just a place; it is an experience that nurtures physical, mental and spiritual health.

“Connecting with nature is not just an activity; it's a way of thinking. Those who choose to live well come to realize that connecting with nature is also a way of life,” says Global Wellness Day Founder Belgin Aksoy. “Global Wellness Day is not just a celebration; it is a call to action, an invitation for individuals to actively participate in their own well-being and contribute to a harmonious relationship with the world around us. Together, let us embark on this transformative journey towards a healthier, more connected, and nature-centric existence with Magenta Nature.”

The theme brings together four pillars of #MagentaNature philosophy to outline a transformative action plan, encapsulating both the tangible and intangible dimensions of connecting with nature.

1. Eat Natural

Immerse in the nourishing embrace of natural foods. Let the senses revel in the vibrant colors and flavors that the Earth offers. Make every meal a celebration of the diverse, wholesome gifts nature provides.

2. Be in Nature

Step into the enchanting realm of the outdoors. Whether it is a majestic forest, a serene park or a quiet corner of a garden, be surrounded by the living tapestry of nature. Let the sun kiss the skin, breathe in the crisp air and let the symphony of nature's sounds become the backdrop to daily life.

3. Protect Nature

Become a guardian of the environment. Take conscious steps to reduce your ecological footprint. Embrace sustainable practices, recycle, and contribute to the well-being of the planet. By protecting nature, you preserve the sanctity of our shared home for generations to come.

4. Be the Nature (Spiritual)

Engage in spiritual practices that foster a deep connection with the natural world. Whether through meditation, mindful contemplation or simply taking moments of stillness in a natural setting, allow the spirit to intertwine with the essence of the Earth. Recognize that we are not separate from nature but an integral part of its grand tapestry.

Among many other international brands, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group will be offering various activities across their hotels, while Accor Hotels will be honoring GWD with its luxury and premium hotel brands by educating and encouraging colleagues and guests to celebrate the day around the world, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts will be celebrating Global Wellness Day globally at their properties with events ranging from a helipad yoga with one of the top Alo Yoga Ambassadors, followed by a healthy lunch, IHG Hotels & Resorts will be offering outdoor wellness activities across their portfolio of properties around the world. Thailand’s leading destination spa, Chiva-Som, will host a series of wellness activities in collaboration with Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som in Qatar, as well as a Medical Aid visit to “No Man’s Land” at the border of Thailand and Myanmar with GWD founder Belgin Aksoy.

2024 GWD Announced Events

  • Argentina: The Municipality of Villa Elisa officially recognizes Global Wellness Day and pledges to stay committed to spreading wellness throughout the city with a range of outdoor activities. Additionally, the iconic “Monumento Al Sembrador” will be illuminated in magenta to honor Global Wellness Day.
  • Bahrain: Address Beach Resort Bahrain will host a meditative yoga session followed by a series of expert-led workshops on topics such as gut health, naturopathic medicine, health recipes, treatments, and more.
  • Belgium: The GWD Belgium team will be presenting a spectrum of #MagentaNature themed activities such as fruit and vegetable juice workshops, tranquil forest bathing, mindful movement sessions, and sustainable cooking workshops that underscore Belgium's dedication to nurturing holistic well-being and vitality within its communities.
  • Bhutan: The only country in the world to measure Gross National Happiness (GNH), Bhutan is celebrating GWD in collaboration with five properties of Six Senses Hotels & Resorts focusing on activities such as Bhutanese healing practices, mountain meditation, riverside yoga, community clean up, tree planting, tree-hugging and much more.
  • Brazil: Collaborating with the Cultural Forest Institute (ICF), active engagement in recovery and rebuilding efforts, providing essential relief to millions displaced from the devastating floods will be underway. In alignment with the "Do a good deed" step of GWD, the team remains committed to promoting well-being in all its forms.
  • Cameroon: Cameroon's inaugural GWD celebrations will include a Sustainable Cooking Challenge featuring locally sourced ingredients, a Flower Planting Campaign fostering community engagement, nature-inspired yoga philosophy talks led by experts, and an Outdoor Yoga Retreat set in a scenic location.
  • France: The New Well Festival in Paris will offer participants yin yoga sessions, therapists of the Resalib network will celebrate the day across the whole country while wellness entrepreneur Élodie Garamond is set to host transformative events at Chapitre Six Hotels, enriching the GWD celebrations within the city.
  • Honduras: In collaboration with Kimpton Grand Roatán Resort and Spa, participants can enjoy slow island wake-up yoga, beach body pump class, guided snorkeling, “open your heart” meditation, full moon yoga with medicine sound therapy, and also contribute to coastal ecosystem preservation through a beach clean-up.
  • Hong Kong: GWD Hong Kong partners with Pirata Group, known for its 28 restaurant venues across Hong Kong and Shanghai offering wellness and nature activities including meditation, yoga, food workshops, and wellness talks, all under the #MagentaNature theme inspiring a holistic well-being community engagement.
  • Ireland: #MagentaNature themed events featuring inner connection workshops in healthcare facilities, beach clean-up activity in collaboration with The Clean Coasts program, meditation, plant-based cooking and much more at Brigit’s Gardens are underway to underline the importance of wellness, mindfulness, and connection to nature.
  • Italy: A thrilling day of #MagentaNature on June 8 features activities such as forest fitness, trekking, nature photography, introspective walks, forest clean up, and sustainability workshops. Italian Hospitality Collection also joins the celebrations with fitness walks, thermal water rituals, green yoga, and seminars on thermal water’s healing properties.
  • Japan: Celebrations in Japan will feature activities such as beach cleanup with Hotel Ocean, a walking tour of coral cultivation with 35 Coffee, beach yoga with Okinawa Tourist Company, a food recycling program workshop with NPO Food Bank, a farm-to-table talks with Farm Nakamura, nature walk with dogs, a tree-growing workshop for elementary school students among many others that embrace the theme #MagentaNature.
  • Malaysia: Offering a dynamic day for the body, mind and soul, the GWD Malaysia celebration activities include breath work, reiki, sound therapy, mindful meditation, Qigong, sunset Yin Yoga, art therapy and a "Grow Your Own Food" workshop, which focus on sustainable and healthy living.
  • Montenegro: Three unique programs for GWD will be available, catering to different community segments. 1) Expectant Mothers: offering prenatal yoga, art, and music therapy in a natural setting. 2) Children: kid’s yoga, family wellness games, and art workshops. 3) Healthy Aging: featuring seminars, nutritional workshops, and plant-based cooking demos.
  • Morocco: In partnership with NGOs like "Amis des écoles", "Les Etoiles de Jamaa El Fna", "Tamounte Ourigane", and "Fiers et Forts" healthy nutrition workshops in schools, outdoor activities, traditional music performances, and sustainability-focused workshops will be offered. Additionally, celebrations by venues such as Es Saadi Marrakech Resort, Pullman Palmeraie Resort & Spa, Dance Attitude, and more will be hosted.
  • New Zealand: 10 nationwide organizations, ranging from health & wellness centers to thermal resorts and dance studios will host GWD celebration events that include activities such as guided meditations, yoga sessions, thermal pool soaks with scenic views, Latin dance classes, and public sauna and steam experiences at thermal resorts.
  • Pakistan: A rich program of nature-inspired activities, including walks and outdoor workouts, meditation sessions, breath work and sound therapy has been organized to mark Pakistan’s inaugural GWD celebration. Educational seminars will also highlight sustainable practices, empowering participants to make eco-conscious choices.
  • Portugal: Sunrise yoga session using sustainable Portuguese cork mats will be held in front of the country’s largest cork tree in Sintra, sunset yoga in Alentejo’s oak cork forests will follow, and Luz Aura Yoga & Wellness Studio in the Algarve region will host additional events. Escola B+S Bispo D. Manuel Ferreira Cabral and Santana Volunteer Firefighters will educate children and adults on protecting nature and rescuing people during forest fires in Madeira Island.
  • Qatar: A global leader in sustainable development, Qatar is committed to environmental preservation. Healthy cooking demonstrations, organic juice stations, smoothie workshops, beach strolls, environmental initiatives like beach clean-ups, tree planting, along with kid’s nature art and singing bowl meditation, will embrace the #MagentaNature theme.
  • Serbia: Mövenpick Resort & Spa Fruške Terme will host a grand outdoor event in its nature park, while Mount Zlatibor, Hotel Mona, Hotel Tornik, Institut for Obesity Čigota, NGO Zlatibor Walking, and Gold Gondola Zlatibor will celebrate with mountain hikes, health check-ups, and wellness seminars. Koviljaca Spa, Hotel Metropol Palace Belgrade, and WAPF Academy Belgrade will also offer activities aligned with the #MagentaNature theme.
  • South Africa: Participants can enjoy outdoor exercises, yoga in nature, beach walks, gardening, and other nature-inspired activities. A collaborative beach walk with the City of Cape Town and Women in Tourism CT is also planned to promote Global Wellness Day and community engagement.
  • South Korea: Sponsored by the Gangwon-do Provincial Government, GWD celebrations will feature serene forest meditation, aqua Zumba, forest trekking, and therapeutic color and sound therapy sessions. Participants can also experience a unique Gyrokinesis session, combining movement and mindfulness on balance chairs.
  • Spain/Ibiza: Outdoor beauty workshops by Ayuna – Less is Beauty, which blends mental beauty with nature will help transform routines. In Ibiza, sponsored by Hard Rock Ibiza, the celebrations will include Zumba with Alberto Pérez, Creator of Zumba, a healthy break, XT29 functional training with Jessica Exposito, and relaxing stretching exercises on the beach.
  • St. Barth’s: The inaugural GWD celebrations in St. Barth’s in partnership with Rosewood Le Guanahani St. Barth amid the island's lush beauty will feature invigorating running and circuit training, followed by tranquil beach stretching as well as wellness seminars on holistic well-being, complemented by healthy snacks.
  • Sweden: Inviting communities to embrace nature and to connect with their surroundings, GWD celebrations include yoga, mindfulness, “Run for Wellness” challenges, forest bathing and park clean-up drives. This year, Hotel J celebrates GWD  with complimentary pilates, breath work, and a sustainable beauty masterclass amid beautiful natural scenery.
  • Switzerland: Renowned brands and venues including Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, Spa Mont Blanc, Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Glion Institute, and Hôpital de la Tour, among others, will offer wellness activities such as cardio classes, morning stretching, nutritious breakfasts, and nature walks.
  • Taiwan: Celebration events across the island will take place starting with yoga in Taipei Park followed by a daylong retreat in central Taiwan, and finishing up at Eastern Taiwan, where attendees can indulge in diverse well-being experiences. Additionally, Taiwan extends its celebrations throughout June with International Wellness and Yoga Festival.
  • Thailand: Chiva-Som will organize wellness activities alongside a medical mission to "No Man’s Land" at the Thailand-Myanmar border. EKM6 will host Bangkok's main GWD celebrations while Capella Bangkok, Sindhorn Kempinski, Pullman G, Four Seasons in Chiang Mai & Bangkok, The Standard Bangkok, Santiburi, Anantara Siam, and others will participate with activities like beach cleaning, healthy breakfasts, sunrise meditation, healthy cooking demos, and journaling sessions.
  • Türkiye: Six Senses Kocataş Mansions and Kaplankaya, Allium Bodrum Resort & Spa, Mandarin Oriental Istanbul and Bodrum, Fairmont Quasar Istanbul, Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Bosphorus and Sultanahmet, Hyatt Istanbul Bomonti, Magna, Capitol Shopping Mall, Richmond Hotels, sahibinden.com, Dose Istanbul, Rose Beach Garden – Luxury Villas, Acı Schools, and "Yuvam Dünya" NGO will celebrate GWD with activities such as outdoor meditations, sound baths, Gua Sha beauty sessions, digital wellness escapes, beach yoga, cooking workshops, sustainable cookie tasting, sunset pilates, forest bathing, hikes, labyrinth walks and more.
  • UAE: Celebrating its fifth Global Wellness Day with venues like St. Regis Abu Dhabi, Jumeirah Al Qasr Dubai, Mandarin Oriental Emirates, Bodytree Wellness Studio, MIZA and The Bridge Wellness Hub, the UAE will host an array of activities including seminars by The Sophia Collective and UAE HealthCoaches, sound healing, mindfulness practices, and invigorating movement sessions.
  • United States: In Whitefish, Montana,The Wave and Collier Concepts will host the Blackfeet Tribe who will share their indigenous and traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), bringing ancient wisdom forward. Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills will once again kick off the celebrations with a yoga session on the Helipad led by a top Alo Yoga Ambassador, followed by a healthy lunch and a series of wellness activities. The Florida Spa Association will unite partner spas across Florida to offer complimentary yoga sessions and meditation exercises rooted in nature, providing a rejuvenating experience for participants. The Carillon Miami Beach Hotel will host a day filled with activities designed to nourish the body and soul. In New York, ambassadors will organize breath work, meditation and forest bathing sessions in Central Park, while others will collaborate with the New York State Department fostering wellness initiatives and community engagement. Mobile Parks and Recreation Department of Mobile, Alabama will be organizing a community event highlighting the healing effects of a nature-centric lifestyle at the Spanish Plaza.
  • Uzbekistan: In collaboration with Green Hills Resort, nestled in a picturesque mountainous area known for its breathtaking beauty and healing air, the Global Wellness Day celebrations include farm-to-table festivities, cooking workshops, a tree planting campaign, outdoor yoga, traditional tea ceremonies, yoga philosophy talks, and nature meditation.
  • Vietnam: Making a significant impact on local communities nationwide, Global Wellness Day will be celebrated with activities that range such as invigorating hikes, tandem cycling, nature art workshops for kids, yoga retreats, environmental clean-up campaigns, guided walks, healthy cooking contests, and workshops on local flora and fauna. 
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