Expand Your Menu with These Top Touchless Technololgies

woman receives touchless biocharger treatment
The BioCharger NG at Carillon Miami emits electromagnetic, electro dynamic and photonic energies to re-energize cells and revitalize the body’s natural magnetic energy.
Courtesy of Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

We asked: Do you want to expand touchless treatment offerings in your spa? And 60% of you said yes! Check out some of the latest touchless tech options available to spas here:

Touchless Treatments to Add to Your Spa Menu: This primer on touchless tech doesn't just cover the newest innovations, but it also delves into which traditional wellness therapies can be self-administered. 

Touching All the Bases with Touchless Wellness Tech: Carillon Miami's Tammy Pahel shares her favorite touchless treatments on the menu today, where the resort has become a showroom of the latest and greatest innovations. 

6 Touchless Treatments at Four Seasons Resort Lanai: These offerings blend technology with tradition for incredible, individualized self-care treatments, from sound meditation to thought field therapy and more. 

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