NuCalm Biohacking Tech Holistically Relaxes the Body and Mind

woman experiencing a nucalm session
Courtesy of NuCalm

NuCalm is an all-natural stress relief technology, clinically proven to relax the brain and body. This technology can be beneficial to guests at spas, gyms, recovery centers and fitness studios around the world, giving them access to the same personal training and recovery tools used by elite athletes. 

A 20-minute NuCalm session mimics the effects of two to three hours of deep sleep, leaving users feeling calm and relaxed, yet mentally sharp and focused. Nucalm uses a three-step process to biohack the body:

  1. A Biosignal Processing Disc is applied to the wrist, activating the brain’s relaxation system
  2. Neuroacoustics, played via an app and headphones, slow brain wave function
  3. An eye mask blocks out the light to support mindfulness 

Currently, a number of innovative spa, health and fitness facilities offer the treatment, including:

        “NuCalm is the ultimate biohack,” said Jim Poole, CEO and president of Solace Lifesciences, maker of NuCalm. “On the spa’s offerings menu, it can be a stand-alone fee-for-service or addition to a massage. It quickly becomes an impressive profit center.”

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