[Inspiration] Adding a Salt Table to Your Treatment Room

Himalayan Salt Table

There are a variety of ways to incorporate salt and salt therapy into your spa. The San Diego Mission Bay Resort's Spa Brezza uses its Himalayan Salt Table to provide an experience between a massage and Himalayan body scrub to clients. This table can also be used as a standalone wellness treatment and act as a meditation experience. 

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Spa Brezza guests can experience 25 minutes on a natural heated Himalayan salt block table with enhanced aromatherapy, including sounds for meditation, and personal Himalayan salt stone therapy treatments can also be performed. The direct contact between the salt table and the body delivers the healing benefits of salt right to the skin, improving circulation, helping lower blood pressure, supporting a healthy respiratory system and sinuses, reducing inflammation, improving skin deficiencies and relieving anxiety and insomnia. 

“Holistic wellness is a key focus of the programming at Spa Brezza and being able to offer our guests as unique of an experience as halotherapy (salt healing) and the Himalayan Salt Table is very special," says Molly Flynn, director of spa and wellness at Spa Brezza. "We believe very strongly in the power of halotherapy and have plans to continue building our programming even further in the coming months."

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