Head Spas are a Growing TikTok Trend for Enhanced Scalp Health

head spa professional scalp massage
Professional scalp massages at head spas are trending on Tik Tok.
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Head spas are a popular new trend in the spa and wellness space. The ancient Japanese and Chinese therapy includes a scalp analysis followed by head and neck massages and repeated deep cleanses, per the LA Times. The treatment has more than 919 million views on the hashtag #headspa on TikTok.

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The roots of a head spa (also referred to as a professional scalp massage) have been a mainstay in Indian and Japanese cultures, where well-maintained hair was a symbol of beauty. Modern versions vary greatly as proprietors look to add treatments that cater to their clients.

Guests can experience getting their hair washed and scalp scrubbed, all with the promise of stimulating hair follicles and gently treating issues like hair thinning, pesky dandruff, or oily scalps with natural remedies and potent essential oils. 

Business owners are constantly looking to capitalize on trends as demand grows, including new frontiers in spa treatments. An article in Atlanta Magazine describes a positive experience with the treatment, as well as an article in Elle, with the author claiming she was so relaxed that she fell asleep during the treatment.

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