The Body and Business Benefits of Compression Boots

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Recovery devices can be used by individuals who are active or anyone looking to manage pain.
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“Recovery devices and tools will decrease the number of clients I have because they will be able to do everything by themselves at home.”

If this is what you’re thinking, I’m going to show you how to leverage recovery devices for efficient recovery or pain management treatments. Our clients and our businesses can benefit from applying professional-level knowledge of the body and our ability to create and provide customized or unique treatments that cannot be replicated at home.

Recovery Devices 101

Recovery devices include compression therapy systems, massage guns, vibrating rollers, cooling or heating, or any device specifically designed to help increase blood flow to an area and reduce soreness, tension and muscle fatigue. These recovery devices can be used by individuals who are active or anyone looking to manage pain.

There have been numerous times that I have been able to show an avid massage gun user a new way of using it, a new body part to use it on, or a different attachment that’s more effective for their targeted treatment area. As professionals, our knowledge will continue to create value, trust and demand for our services or treatments.

Major Body Benefits

One of the greatest advantages of incorporating recovery devices is allowing service providers to provide a full body treatment without having to be hands-on with the whole body. As an example, with compression boots, you can provide a full-body experience by working on the upper body, neck, arms and scalp while the boots provide treatment to a client’s legs.

Many clients would benefit most from a full body treatment, however, they may state that they only want their neck and shoulders worked on because they sit at a desk all day and don’t use their legs; this is an opportunity for massage therapists to treat the legs while giving guests what they would like to receive. You’re able to match client expectations while providing the treatment that would allow for maximum overall wellness and recovery.

You can create a treatment protocol that is a full-body treatment in 20-30 minutes, and you can leverage this treatment for recovery. Compression boots are ideal for anyone looking for help with increasing circulation and blood flow, muscle fatigue or faster recovery post-workout.

Adding On

It’s well established that treatment add-ons can increase the revenue of a service transaction. There are multiple ways to incorporate compression boots as a service add-on. If your clients enjoy a bit of rest time before getting back to reality, you can extend the duration on the device to allow a bit of downtime at the conclusion of the treatment as they enjoy the compression therapy.

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Protocol Add-On Option 1

If you’d like to start the treatment face-up to minimize the possibility of oil or lotion getting on the boots, follow these steps:

  1. Place the client in compression boots.
  2. Set duration and compression level.
  3. Start hands-on treatment on the scalp, neck or arms.
  4. Once you’ve completed providing bodywork to the upper body, turn off compression boots, remove boots and set aside.
  5. Provide bodywork to the front of the legs, back of the legs and back.

Protocol Add-On Option 2

If you’d like to start your treatment face down, here’s the protocol:

  1. Provide bodywork as you normally do on the back and back of legs, and then have clients turn supine.
  2. Provide treatment on the front of the legs.
  3. Once that has been completed, wash your hands to remove the massage medium or use hand sanitizer to minimize the amount of massage medium on your hands.
  4. Place the client in compression boots for the remainder of the treatment time and set the compression level.
  5. Continue the rest of your hands-on treatment sequence, working on the arms, chest, neck, shoulders and scalp.

Standing Alone

Compression boots also work as a stand-alone service, where the biggest benefit is being able to provide a treatment where the client can remain fully clothed. Plus, it does not require a private space: This treatment can be administered in the lobby, receptionist or designated compression therapy area, leaving a private room available for other services.

At times, we may forget the pressure a client may feel to communicate with us if they need us to adjust the pressure, temperature or any other aspect of the service. It can require a lot of courage to say what they need during a session, especially if they’re not sure if they’re supposed to be talking or have the ability to provide input about their treatment. With compression boots, you can simply show the client how to adjust the amount of compression they would like to experience and communicate that they’re able to make the adjustment themselves.

Protocol for Stand-Alone Service

This protocol is perfect for a simple, stand-alone compression therapy treatment:

  1. Have the client relax in a zero-gravity chair, recliner or treatment table. It is not necessary to have them elevated, but it does keep the legs straight and help the boots return blood flow back into the body.
  2. Place the client in compression boots.
  3. Set at desired compression level and duration of treatment time.

Note: If it is the guest’s first time experiencing compression boots, be available for any questions or to make adjustments. As with any service, be sure to inform the client of any sensations they should expect.

Feeling Fit

Utilizing compression boots can be an integral part of a client's wellness routine as they add more movement into their life. Incorporating treatments like these can support and round out their fitness journey.

If you are looking for a way to incorporate recovery devices into your treatments, I highly recommend it to create services at a different price point, increasing client benefit or results, and as a new stand-alone service.

Jamerie Michalek is a massage and spa business coach with a passion for helping others. She has more than a decade of experience as a massage therapist and spa manager, and now helps other spa professionals run their businesses with confidence and strategy.

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