Hair and Scalp Treatments to Reinvigorate Tired Minds

scalp-massage[Image: Getty Images]These scalp spa treatments are designed to stimulated tired tresses and minds.

At the Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort in Solvang, California, guests receive a tailor-made Therapeutic Hair & Scalp Treatment (45 min./$75) based on their hair’s condition: thinning, damaged, dry or oily. The therapist begins with compressions that slowly release muscle tension in the client’s upper back, neck and shoulders. Next, he or she massages a custom-blended hair tonic into the scalp, before performing shiatsu and craniosacral holds, designed to promote deep relaxation and increase circulation to the hair follicles. The service concludes with a scalp massage, neck work and gentle traction. “As well as conditioning the hair and scalp, this treatment helps restore balance to the whole body,” says spa coordinator Crystal Torres. “Plus, it’s perfect for guests who are pressed for time but want the full effect of a relaxing spa experience.”

Available as an add-on to a massage, facial or body wrap, the Relaxing Scalp Massage (30 min./$60) at Willows Lodge in Woodinville, Washington, conditions the scalp and hair while stimulating hair growth. A hot oil infused with argan and coconut oils, as well as shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba and vitamin E, is worked into the scalp through pressure-point and cranial massage for 15 minutes. The hair is then wrapped in a hot towel for the remainder of the treatment, allowing follicles to open up and absorb the oil’s nutrients. “The muscles in the scalp that are affected by facial expressions tend to get tight,” explains spa supervisor Marsha Blacknell. “This massage releases that tension—and relaxes the mind. Plus, guests rave about how incredible their hair feels afterward!”

Oasis Day Spa offers its Signature Scalp Treatment (30 min./$70) as a standalone or an add-on to any massage or facial. First, argan oil is rubbed onto the client’s forehead; then comes a pressure-point facial massage, followed by a three minute rigorous scalp massage to stimulate and exfoliate the skin. The protocol concludes with a 10-minute soothing scalp massage and the application of a hydrating, reparative hair mask. The service can be tweaked seasonally: a eucalyptus and mint oil targets sinus conditions in Spring, for example. “Whether clients are coping with headaches, allergies or stress, this treatment is pure bliss,” says massage manager Laura Piteo. “It’s one of those yummy components of a spa experience they wish lasted longer, which is why it’s such a popular add-on.”

–by Pamela Brill

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