5 Digital Mindfulness Tips from Miraval

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Catherine Price, digital wellness ambassador for Miraval Resorts and Spas, has collaborated with the property to create a weekly Digital Mindfulness series that shares achievable ways to be mindful of daily device use. Price, author of How to Break Up With Your Phone and The Power of Fun, and the founder of ScreenLifeBalance.com, shares these digital mindfulness tips:

1. Set a bedtime for your phone.

After a long day at work, take time at the end of the day to relax and unwind. Put the phone away 30 to 60 minutes before bed to recover from screen light and content stimulation. 

2. Set boundaries.

Make a rule for times where phones will not be used. To alleviate anxiety, set up an email signature or autoresponder, and  provide an emergency contact during absence.

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3. Create a speedbump.

Slow down and make a conscious decision about what you want to do next. Price recommends putting a rubber band or hair tie around the phone that reminds you not to touch it. The goal is simply to make sure that when time is spent on the phone, it's the result of a conscious choice.

4. Go old school.

Instead of relying on the phone for taking down notes and recording to-dos, keep a small notebook and pen nearby, and use it throughout the day and in meetings. 

5. Look up.

When out in public, try to look up rather than staring down at devices. Be in the moment, experience life and connect with people.

Miraval has also created mindfulness breaks that will take place at the VIRTUAL WellSpa 360 Expo on September 21-22. Register NOW to attend - even if you can't make it live, the show will be on demand after the event!

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