8 Natural Mindfulness Tools That Connect the Body & Mind

Fitness, calm and breathing of black woman outdoor in nature, mountains and blue sky background for yoga wellness, meditation and zen energy. Face of girl breathing for peace, freedom and mindfulness
These natural mindfulness aids help engage the mind in the present moment.
By C Malambo/peopleimages.com - stock.adobe.com

The mind has infinite opportunities to wander, but excessive mind wandering can correlate with mental health conditions like negative processing of the past, worrying about the future, inability to perform tasks and overthinking. In contrast, mindfulness involves a conscious effort to bring our awareness back to the present moment experience and to fully engage with the senses—sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. This practice of being present allows us to live more fully, connect deeply with ourselves and others, engage in and make the most of each moment. Here are eight natural mindfulness aids that help engage the mind in the present moment.

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