VitaJuwel's Sana Crystal Water Carafe Transforms Water with Crystal Energy

Sana Oceanblue
Photo courtesy of VitaJuwel

VitaJuwel's Sana Crystal Water Carafe transforms regular water into gemstone water with no need to take off the lid for refilling and pouring. The holistic wellness device uses GemPods made from lab-grade glass to protect gemstones and transmit their energy to the water. Sana comes with a holistic selection of premium, hand-selected gems. 

The gemstones’ natural vibrations penetrate the glass, transforming regular water into spring water. The Flower of Life forms the stainless steel ornament inside the carafe's lid. It adds even more positive energy to your water when pouring in and out.

Sana is available in a selection of four silk touch lid colors and a curated collection of more than 16 GemPods filled with tested and tried traditional blends of fairly traded gemstones.

How to Use:

  • Plug top and bottom lids on the glass cylinder.
  • Fill cylinder with water
  • Wait 7 minutes for the crystals to vitalize the water

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