Body Bliss Chakra Balance Essential Oil Mini Roll-ons Provides Balance Throughout the Day

Set Of 7 Minis Cb

Body Bliss Chakra Balance Essential Oil Mini Roll-ons can help clients practice balance and mindfulness. Apply to pulse points and inhale as aromatherapy with a reminder of intentions to enhance well-being and balance throughout the day.

Full set of 7 Chakra Balance Essential Oil Mini Roll-ons includes:

  • Vital: designed to balance the 1st chakra, awakening and energizing the body.
  • Sensuous: designed to balance the 2nd chakra, inviting relaxation and feelings of harmony and emotional security.
  • Radiant: designed to balance the 3rd chakra, instilling confidence and optimism.
  • Heartful: designed to balance the 4th chakra, nurturing courage and compassion.
  • Inspired: designed to balance the 5th chakra, restoring flexibility through “cold heat” and promoting creative expression.
  • Tranquil: designed to balance the 6th chakra, supporting relaxed alertness and carefree bliss.
  • Luminous: designed to balance the 7th chakra, dispelling worry and encouraging deep relaxation.

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