Helight Sleep Aid Device Reduces the Impact of Blue Light Exposure for Deeper Sleep

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Helight Sleep is a non-invasive sleep aid that requires no user attention or intervention. The sleep aid was developed by sleep disorder expert Dr. Claude Gronfier and medical physicist Ph.D. Olivier Caselles. The device reduces the impact of blue light exposure from screens at night, as well as addresses various sleep concerns, to enhance falling asleep faster and achieving a deeper, more restful snooze.

The device emits a precise wavelength (630 nanometers +/-5nm, monochromatic) that passes through the eyelids and is picked up by photosensitive cells, triggering a biomechanism that helps patients relax, predisposing the body to natural melatonin production.

A meticulously calibrated protocol diffuses this wavelength for 14 minutes at an optimal intensity, followed by the red light gradually fading out over 14 additional minutes, ensuring an uninterrupted, smooth transition.

The 28-minute protocol mirrors the natural cycle of light at the end of the day. The device’s studied lens curve and diffusion create enveloping light, avoiding a single point source.

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