Bruvi BV-Q1 Brewer Offers Coffee House Favorites in Eco-Friendly Pods

Bruvi Brewer Angle No Bg

Bruvi BV-Q1 Brewer can brew seven different beverages, including the first cold brew from a single-serve system.

Bruvi brews directly in the pod without touching the insides of the brewer for a more hygienic brew (no mold or bacteria build-up) and no flavor cross-contamination. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses, as coffee machines are often a source of bacteria.

Bruvi's proprietary pods are infused with a bio-enzyme that allows them to break down quickly in a landfill without leaving microplastics behind.

The brewer is available in two colors: cream and black.


  • Bruvi BV-01 Coffee Brewer
  • Premium Water Filter Kit
  • Reusable Japanese Knot Bag

Main Features:

  • Auto Optimized Brewing
  • Hygienic Brew
  • 20 Stream Saturation
  • Smarter Heating
  • More Coffee
  • Better Coffee
  • Advanced Pod Technology
  • Guilt Free Toss B-Pods
  • Ultimate Beverage Variety
  • One Touch Personalization Options
  • More Convenience Features
  • Mobile App Connectivity (Optional)

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