5 Unique Spa Products for Your Retail Shelves

Faceplant Dreams

From aromatherapy to apparel, these take-home products will fly off your retail shelves!

Adoratherapy Chakra 5 Gemstone Soy Candle emits a minty scent and includes lapis lazuli crystals to support the throat chakra and better communication. www.adoratherapy.com

Adoratherapy Chakra5

Avya Hydroveda Essentials Daily Detox Clay Mask fights blemishes with clearing camphor and exfoliating salicylic acid. www.avyaskincare.com

Avya Daily Detox Clay Mask Jar High Res

Fablerune Agave & Golden Algae Vital Day Cream features a bevy of botanicals that fortify the complexion for healthier, smoother skin. www.fablerune.com


Faceplant Dreams Tulip Collection is breathable, sustainable bamboo loungewear with petal pant legs and a scalloped shirt hemline. www.faceplantdreams.com

Faceplant Dreams

The Soul Institute Core Collection Clear Alignment Aromatherapy Myst cleanses and purifies spaces’ energy, thanks to palo santo, white sage and juniper. www.thesoulinstitute.co

Clear Alignment Myst Spray

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