[Editor's Picks] 5 Healing Hydrators for Winter and Beyond

Bio-Therapeutic Hyaluronic Repair Face Masque
Bio-Therapeutic Hyaluronic Repair Face Masque

WellSpa 360's December 2023 issue is live and packed with hydration education from every angle, from skin care to treatments to lifestyle habits. It's also the perfect time to highlight some of our favorite hydrating products for the face and body, so we handpicked these five hydrating heroes for their ability to defend the skin and body from harsh winter weather.

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1. Bio-Therapeutic Hyaluronic Repair Face Masque

This copper infused gel mask delivers nourishment and cooling hydration to the face. https://bio-therapeutic.com

Bio-Therapeutic Hyaluronic Repair Face MasqueBio-Therapeutic Hyaluronic Repair Face Masque

2. Elemis Pro-Collagen Glow Boost Exfoliator

While boosting radiance, this physical exfoliant nourishes and prepares the skin for deeper absorption of products. https://us.elemis.com

Elemis Pro-Collagen Glow Boost ExfoliatorElemis Pro-Collagen Glow Boost Exfoliator

3. FarmHouse Fresh Bluephoria Hi-Bio Hemp Lip Therapy

A decadent and creamy lip treatment, this balm nourishes, cools, soothes and replenishes lips for long-lasting hydration. https://farmhousefreshgoods.com

FarmHouse Fresh Bluephoria Hi-Bio Hemp Lip TherapyFarmHouse Fresh Bluephoria Hi-Bio Hemp Lip Therapy

4. Lira Clinical Pure Hyaluronic Acid

This concentrated low molecular weight hyaluronic acid provides lasting hydration that enhances skin care treatment results. https://liraclinical.com

Lira Clinical Pure Hyaluronic AcidLira Clinical Pure Hyaluronic Acid

5. Sorella Apothecary Body Balm

This hydrating body balm melts into the skin while powerful peptides nourish, rehydrate and firm. https://sorellaapothecary.com

Sorella Apothecary Body BalmSorella Apothecary Body Balm

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