Omorovicza Queen Serum Firms Skin to Reduce Wrinkle Depth

Omorovicza Queen Serum Copy

Omorovicza Queen Serum is the latest addition to the complexion-perfecting Queen Collection. This superpowered twice-daily serum has been formulated to reduce the depth of wrinkles while visibly firming and tightening to give a supple, youthful appearance. By activating the same retinoid receptors in the skin as vitamin A, the Mediterranean micro-algae in the serum boasts a breakthrough, non-sensitizing retinol-like effect.

Other key ingredients include stem cells from Lithops, known as Living Stone, which boosts the synthesis of vitamin D to regenerate the deep layers of skin and an extract of Chinese leaf Engelhardtia Chrysolepis to lift sagging skin and remodel facial contour. This is especially effective for menopausal skin and works by protecting against glycation due to menopause.

The serum is powered by the Healing Concentrate, the brand's patented, bio-fermented active ingredient clinically proven to significantly improve skin hydration, elasticity and firmness while delivering the unique healing benefits of the Budapestmineral rich (hydro) geology directly to the skin. Formulated for all skin types, including more sensitive skin, the Queen Serum is infused with innovative ingredients that specifically target the ageing process without photosensitivity challenges, delivering both instant and long-term efficacy.

Main Benefits:

  • Clinically Proven to Decrease Wrinkle Depth Within 30 Minutes
  • Non-sensitizing Retinol-like Effect from Mediterranean Microalgae
  • Biotech Encapsulation that Delivers the Benefits of Mineral-charged Waters

Key Ingredients

  • Healing Concentrate: Patented, bio-fermented active ingredient complex that captures the healing powers of the potent minerals found in Budapest’s thermal baths and delivers them deep into the epidermis.
  • Mediterranean Microalgae: Improves skin elasticity, visibly firms and lifts, and reduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Chinese Leaf Extract: Protects elastic tissue integrity, quality and functionality during a higher risk of sugar attacks which are more common during menopause. Boosts skin elasticity and firmness whilst smoothing out wrinkles.
  • Lithops Stem Cells: Boosts vitamin D synthesis to strengthen, revitalise and volumise. Hydrates the deeper layers of the skin, giving a healthy, luminous complexion.
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