7 New Wellness Offerings From Sensei at Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla

Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla - Sensei Wellness Program
Sensei's pop-up offers an idyllic escape from the Resort happenings, making it a premier destination for an unforgettable wellness escape.
Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla

Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla has revealed new wellness programming with the luxury well-being company Sensei. Offering an array of spa, fitness, and wellness services and experiences, the special offering will run March 1 – 22, 2024, and is available to guests, as well as visitors and locals of the island.

Throughout the three-week pop-up, guests can experience a diverse range of wellness and spa treatments, from rotating fitness and meditation classes to personalized consultations to improve sleep and mindset and a selection of Sensei’s signature spa treatments leveraging its proprietary technology.

All Sensei services and experiences are led by highly credentialed guides and practitioners focused on the Sensei Way’s evidence-led approach of "Move, Nourish and Rest."

Here are seven highlights of the upcoming wellness program.

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1. Fitness and Wellness Classes

There will be a variety of classes, from core strength training to functional fascia exploration and family aquatic fitness to help introduce young travelers to the wellness world

2. Sound Journey Class

A guided immersion through different realms of sound healing modalities including resonant gong, allowing the mind and body to reach unparalleled depths of relaxation

3. Meditation Experiences

A sensory walking meditation on the beach and open sky meditation to connect with nature and find peace

4. Private Wellness Consultation

Tailor-made one-on-one sessions with Sensei Guides that focus on fitness, meditation and sleep, which incorporate personalized strategies to promote better rest techniques. Lastly, a mindset one-on-one with biomarkers measures heart rate variability and teaches the guest how to utilize this data to meet their health goals.

5. Sensei Aquatic Reflexology

A restful aquatic bodywork experience where guests float in the warm waters of one of the property’s hundreds of private pools while incorporating elements of reflexology, joint mobilization and stretching.

6. Sensei Thermal Body Mapping and Massage

Utilizing Sensei’s patented thermographic technology to create a heat map of the body allowing for a customized massage.

7. Sensei Sports Massage (Active Recovery Massage)

This is designed for active individuals, combining invigorating and restorative techniques. 

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