Make a Splash With This Aquatic Treatment Inspiration

Make a Splash With This Aquatic Treatment Inspiration
Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa's concept elevates the wellness philosophy by introducing two rare water healing experiences: Janzu and Aquatic Tibetan Sound Healing.
Photo courtesy of Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa

Luxury spa destinations are making waves in the aquatic treatment space for their innovative new offerings. Water-based services are trending for its restorative benefits for the mind, body and soul. Guests can experience the feeling of weightlessness while floating in a Janzu ritual at Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa, soak in a Ofuro tub at the Ko’ele, Sensei Lāna’i, A Four Seasons Resort and more. We've gathered aquatic treatments from top resorts and spas to serve as inspiration 

1. Waves Body Treatment Series

Four Seasons Hotel and Residences Fort Lauderdale

The Waves Body Treatment Series is performed on a specialty Spa Dream aquatic table, which creates a feeling of floating. The Spa’s Waves experience comes to life through hypnotic, rhythmic and wave-inducing motions that help to release guests from the tensions of gravity. The total body therapies are taken to new depths of relaxation with signature scrubs, wraps, and combination body and facial treatments. 

2. Janzu and Aquatic Tibetan Sound Healing

Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa

Award-winning Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa and sister brand, Le Barth Villa Rental are introducing a one-of-a-kind holistic wellness concept that harnesses the healing powers of the water element. Expanding upon the hotel’s partnership with La Mer and Nordic water therapy offerings, the concept elevates the wellness philosophy by introducing two rare water healing experiences: Janzu and Aquatic Tibetan Sound Healing.

Janzu is a therapeutic psychocorporal experience that embraces the concept of reunion with the water as our origin and essence of life. The practice of Janzu – which means ‘peaceful river’ in Chinese pulls inspiration from ancient Shamanic regression techniques. As the physical body engages in guided rhythmic movements in the water, the mind is able to completely surrender and ultimately transform. The weightlessness and gentle support of the water allow guests to enter the deepest state of relaxation. The movements, led by a trained expert, are designed to relax, realign, and reharmonize the mind, body and spirit.

Le Barthélemy and Le Barth Villa Rental are also introducing Aquatic Tibetan Bowls by Marine Delfino; which guests are welcome to combine with the Janzu experience for the ultimate water healing experience. With deep appreciation for the bowls’ ancient origins that made their way through Tibet, Nepal and India over 5,000 years ago and the indigenous cultures who practice sound therapy, Marine Delfino, the architect of the Aquatic Tibetan Bowls, who orchestrates the practice at Le Barthélemy, creatively merged this practice with the water.

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Seldom practiced, placing the bowls on top of the water while the participant submerges under the water, allows the sound to transmit deep vibrational frequencies, measured in Hertz, 4x faster than through air, creating a profound vibrational effect on the internal organs and energy system. Each of Delfino’s bowls creates a different frequency which she chooses according to her feelings. Sound healing is often used to aid in alleviating pain and muscle tension, reduce anxiety, and improve the overall mental state. Studies have shown it can support lowering blood pressure and creating a better night’s sleep, and more.

3. Ofuro Bath Experience, Aquatic Bodywork and Aquatic Reflexology

Ko’ele, Sensei Lāna’i, A Four Seasons Resort

Those who love a soak can embark on the Ofuro Bath Experience in their secluded spa hale, where guests can enjoy a dip in a traditional Ofuro tub, which is made of teak wood in the traditional Japanese style. These baths recirculate the water, maintaining both temperature and salinity throughout the duration of the experience.

One of the most unique water-focused bodywork treatments is Aquatic Bodywork, which is a specialty treatment that often provokes an emotional response due to the calming nature of the experience. While floating effortlessly in the 98 degree waters of a private outdoor hale pool, therapist Liran guides guests through a series of intuitive stretches while combining elements of massage, joint mobilization and shiatsu. The guest’s body weight is supported and cradled through a combination of flotation devices and their practitioner's gentle touch. For guests who are feeling a bit more adventurous and want to become one with the water, a special “underwater experience” is offered, which consists of interplaying stretching and massage, both above and below the water for ultimate relaxation. 

Aquatic Reflexology is another specialty water-focused treatment, as it is a restful form of aquatic bodywork. While floating effortlessly in the warm waters of the hale pool, elements of reflexology, joint mobilization and stretching are applied to allow the body to relax in ways unfamiliar to it on land.

4.  Journey to The Baths Experience

 Rosewood Little Dix Bay

Rosewood Little Dix Bay’s Journey to The Baths experience allows guests to explore the healing waters of BVIs. This excursion to the destination’s National Park takes guests through the geological wonders of natural sea pools formed by granite boulders to witness first-hand the beauty and tranquility of the crystal blue Caribbean waters. This trek is followed by a relaxing spa treatment at the resort’s Sense, A Rosewood Spa, comprising of a warm body scrub made of fig and bergamot, rose, and ground apricot hot stones to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin, followed by an application of a calming gel hydration mask made from the aloe vera plants to restore and hydrate the skin cells.

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