Chicago has the Most Boutique Fitness Studios in United States

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New data from Xponential revealed that Chicago has 34 boutique fitness studios, the most of any city in the United States.
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Current trends in fitness and wellness suggest that clients are becoming more focused on building muscle and gaining strength than losing weight. The GWI estimated that global consumers spent about $108.6 billion (roughly $984 per participant) on fitness activities in 2018. That year, it was estimated that 190 million people were members of private/commercial gyms and fitness facilities across nearly 258,000 locations in 211 countries.

Fitness interests have only grown since then, and while clients turned to at-home workouts during the pandemic, many have reversed course and returned to fitness classes and studios in the last year.

New data from Xponential, a global franchiser of boutique fitness brands, shows how in-demand new fitness classes are. According to their research, Chicago has the most boutique fitness studios in the United States, with thirty-four across the major city. New York, San Diego, Houston and Austin round out the top five.

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Los Angeles, known for being at the forefront of beauty and fitness, ranks 19th in the United States with 12 boutique fitness studios. It is the third-ranked city in California behind San Diego and Irvine. 

Texas has the most cities in the top 20, boasting high numbers for its top four cities: Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. 

Check out the top 20 cities below!

Cities with the Most Boutique Fitness Studios:

  1. Chicago, Illinois - 34
  2. New York City, New York - 31
  3. San Diego, California - 30
  4. Houston, Texas - 28
  5. Austin, Texas - 21
  6. Atlanta, Georgia - 17
  7. Denver, Colorado - 17
  8. Phoenix, Arizona - 17
  9. Charlotte, North Carolina - 16
  10. San Antonio, Texas - 16
  11. Dallas, Texas - 14
  12. Irvine, California - 14
  13. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 14
  14. Tampa, Florida - 14
  15. Brooklyn, New York - 13
  16. Nashville, Tennessee - 13
  17. Cincinnati, Ohio - 12
  18. Jacksonville, Florida - 12
  19. Los Angeles, California - 12
  20. Orlando, Florida - 12

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