Five Growing Health and Wellness Trends

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Upscale Living Magazine recently published its list of top five luxury health and wellness trends that people (aka your clientele) should keep on their radar:

Wellness Retreats are on the rise as people are looking to relax their bodies and minds, especially after such a stressful year. With more clients living in urban areas, it's no surprise that a main component of these retreats is reconnection with nature and an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Retreats also typically offer yoga, meditation and sleep programs for total immersive wellness.

Home Workouts can be offered online to guests via a number of platforms. Consider creating a range of workout intensities, so there will be something for everyone. 

A Personal Coach. Working out alone is not for everyone, and a lot of clients need an extra push to stay on track. 

Biohacking is a way that people can improve their physical and cognitive performance by looking at genetic, blood and allergy testing data.

Bespoke Fitness and Nutrition also involves testing, this time of someone's DNA and blood to create nutrition and exercise plans tailor-made for each individual's body type.

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