Massachusetts is the Most Wellness-focused State

Most Wellness Focused State
Art of Living analyzed online searches for terms like meditation, yoga and related terms using Google Trends and Keyword Planner to determine which states are the most wellness-focused.
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Meditation and breathwork experts at Art of Living have recently done a detailed study to find U.S. states most engaged in wellness and mindfulness activities. Online searches for terms like meditation, yoga and related terms were analyzed using Google Trends and Keyword Planner. The study then ranked the states based on the total number of these search queries. 

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Massachusetts ranks as the most wellness-focused state in the United States, with 244K searches related to wellness practices. The report indicates a strong interest in mindfulness within the state, particularly in spiritual practices like yoga and meditation. Among the various wellness activities analyzed, yoga was the most searched-for practice in the state, closely followed by meditation.

Arizona is the second most interested in wellness searches with 163K queries. This significant number suggests a deep-rooted interest in wellness, especially in yoga, which represents over half of these searches. The state's focus on mental health is also shown in its strong preference towards meditation, being the second most searched wellness practice. 

Oregon has 121K wellness searches, good for the third position. The state shows a considerable inclination towards holistic health practices, with yoga and meditation together accounting for the majority of wellness interests. 

Connecticut's 94.6K searches place it fourth in the wellness-focused states. The data reveals a strong preference for yoga, making up almost half of the total wellness searches. Meditation also holds a significant place, indicating a growing awareness and practice of mindfulness in the state.

Utah, with a total of 88K searches, is ranked fifth. The state continues the trend with yoga as the primary interest and capturing over 54% of these searches. The state also demonstrates a significant interest in meditation, reflecting an integrated approach to wellness.

New Mexico, recording 46K searches, secures the sixth position. Meditation stands out, comprising about 31% of the total searches. Ayurveda, while not as high as yoga or meditation, also shows a growing trend in interest. 

Rhode Island, at 35,7K searches, takes the seventh position. The state shows a preference for yoga, which accounts for nearly 49% of wellness searches. Meditation also plays a significant role, illustrating the state's commitment to wellness practices.

Vermont secures the eighth place with 27K searches. Here, yoga and meditation combined attract the majority of interest. Ayurveda practices as well are showing a growing trend in the state.

Delaware ranked ninth and North Dakota rounded out the list. Like the other states, there was a dominant interest in yoga

States (Search Volume)

  1. Massachusetts - 244,940
  2. Arizona - 163,410
  3. Oregon - 121,810
  4. Connecticut - 94,670
  5. Utah - 88,720
  6. New Mexico - 46,040
  7. Rhode Island - 35,720
  8. Vermont - 27,300
  9. Delaware - 26,520
  10. North Dakota - 15,220

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