Sound Therapy Benefits and Programming for Your Spa

group therapy with Tibetan singing bowls for a girl and a boy lying on the ground in the middle of the desert surrounded by copper bowls, meditation and relaxation
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We asked if you want to know more about sound therapy, and the answer was a unanimous yes! So, we put together this guide to get you started. 

Using Crystal Singing Bowls for Sound Therapy: Oanh Ngo, spa manager of Heart of the Earth Spa and resident singing bowl artist at Four Seasons Resort Nam Hai, Hoi An, she shares her top tips for spa pros, including the proper setup and a video demonstration. 

Sound Therapy Adds Spiritual Benefits to Your Spa Offerings: Our industry experts discuss the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of offering sound therapies at your spa, plus their favorite tools for delivering sound healing. 

Discover the Healing Powers of Sound Therapy with Shamballa Wellness' Training Program: This program curates training and corporate wellness strategies that feature the healing power of sound, as well as live and virtual trainings to add to treatment protocols.

4 Emerging Trends in Sound Therapy that Promote Well-Being: Experts from SALT Chamber, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort and more discuss the latest trends in sound healing. 

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