Moon Baths: the Latest In-Suite Luxury Experience

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The Joseph, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Nashville recently added The Moon Bath Experience ($100 per experience) to its list of in-suite amenities. The experience will be offered daily to hotel guests staying in select suites with a deep soaking tub. 

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The Moon Bath Experience includes one of four bath teas that correspond to the current cycle of the moon: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon. The tea is steeped in a French press with copper accents, and it is delivered to the hotel suite along with a Moon Bath Intention Guide, a Milk & Honey Sundance Sea Bathing Salt and a Moon Dew Botanical Face Mist.

“Water therapy and plant medicines offer unique wellness benefits during bathing rituals, and at The Joseph, our in-suite Moon Bath amenity further enhances this experience by aligning with the moon’s cycles and its impact on our natural rhythms. Made by Colorado-based and women-owned company, Moon Bath, four botanical bath teas offer ingredients related to the mind and body’s needs during each moon phase, such as lavender and chamomile to calm and turn inward during the New Moon; licorice root to promote cellular replenishment during the waxing cycle; rose petals to open the heart to abundance during the Full Moon; and rosemary to detoxify during the waning cycle. These botanical bath teas are all made simply and organically, so they are wonderful for the skin as they contain no synthetic chemicals or preservatives," shares Ricardo Lutchman, director of rooms for The Joseph. 

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Guests pour the steeped tea into their deep soaking tub, along with the bathing salts, which provide the body with healing herbs and minerals. After their soak, guests reawaken their senses and balance their skin using the botanical face mist, which they can take home with them. The treatment is finished with a single truffle, infused with botanicals inspired by each moon cycle's unique bath tea.  

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