Understanding Men's Wellness in 2021

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More than an occasional spa treatment, the idea of wellness as a lifestyle and state of mind for both men and women is becoming increasingly mainstream. For men searching for solace or a solution to a problem, quick fixes are no longer a sustainable way to manage the stress and tension of today’s world. Consistent wellness offerings and group activities can provide steady residual business, as well as an entryway into other spa services. Simplified menu offerings and easy solutions to calm the skin, body and mind are other appealing aspects that encourage men to continue booking spa appointments.

Traditionally speaking, spas have not always been the most comfortable place for men to unwind. Overly fragrant lotions and potions, frilly decor and marketing language targeted to females alone have turned men (and plenty of women) off, closing the door to half of the population and a whole lot of potential. The most recent report focused on spa-going guys conducted by the International SPA Association (ISPA) proves that more men are going to spas than ever before: ISPA’s 2019 foundations survey of 1,000 American spa-goers revealed that 49% of these customers are, in fact, men.

With statistics like this, there’s no denying or disregarding men as potential clients; your spa business will likely depend on it. That’s why we checked in with three thriving and male-friendly spas to shed light on their most popular wellness offerings—including fitness and meditation classes, hydrotherapy and IV infusions—that draw men in for regular visits.

Men’s Health Concerns

As more and more men adopt a spa-like mindset and incorporate an overall wellness-conscious lifestyle, lots of spas are taking heed. “We’re seeing an increase in men seeking services and feeling more comfortable talking about health from a place of care for themselves and others,” remarks Grant Jones, vice president of wellness for STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa at Garden of the Gods Resort and Club in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Jones also reports that their male client base has more of a “whole-person,” holistic approach, and the destination is able to attract male spa-goers seeking preventive health, mental health, weight management and heart health, among other things.

Stress is the main emotional concern for men who frequent spas, according to Jonathan Leary, DC, CEO and founder of Remedy Place in West Hollywood, California. “Since the demand of life and the current environment is higher than it has ever been, these clients are looking for ways to shut off and reset,” he notes.

Dr. Leary also believes that factors like color, scent and the type of services offered might make something more attractive to men versus women, however even that blend is slowly changing in the modern day. “We’re all humans, dealing with similar stressors and commonly in need of the same things,” he adds, pointing out that the modern and minimal earth tones that serve as Remedy Place’s color scheme are inviting to all.

Other woes bringing guys through Remedy Place’s doors include inflammation, pain and lack of results from training. “Men typically push aside pain or assume it will go away,” says Dr. Leary. “Finding the root cause of pain and actively fixing it is the only way it will truly stop.” To that end, education, manual work and nutrition are leading components to Remedy’s successful outcomes, in addition to the club’s incorporation of chiropractic, physiotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into treatment modalities.

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Alisha Racker’s career in the beauty and wellness industry spans well over a decade. As a licensed master esthetican, she worked hands-on in the treatment room prior to embarking into the corporate world of skin care as a marketing, PR, event planning and social media specialist. Currently, Racker reports on spa-goings, beauty, skin and lifestyle topics for a variety of industry publications and blogs.

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