Aromatherapy 101: Making Your Personal Spa Scent

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Every spa director knows that building the spa’s brand and boosting its image is of utmost importance. Creating a fragrance, essence or aromatherapy that reminds clients of their experience is a great way to extend their visit long after they’ve headed home. Every time they smell this essence, they’ll instantly think about the spa and cherish the time they spent there.

Additionally, customization is one of the biggest trends in the world of wellness, and a signature scent will help your customers connect with you on a subconscious level—and an emotional connection can inspire clients to spend more money and feel more loyal to your brand.

When coming up with a signature scent for the spa, it’s best to keep the process as easy as you can. Consider what you want to achieve: How do you want your customers to feel, and what emotions are you trying to invoke? Our sense of smell is a powerful one, and if the spa’s signature scent makes the space more welcoming and appealing, then guests will feel more comfortable and are likely to spend more money.

Remember that your ultimate goal is to create a place where clients can disconnect from the outside world and focus on wellness offerings that make them feel better and improve their overall health.

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Goldie Bonnell, international training manager for ESPA in the Americas, has more than 25 years of experience in the skin care and wellness industries. She has designed programs and client treatments for numerous spas and is a featured speaker at industry trade shows.

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