Crystal Therapies Are Paving a New Path to Tranquility

crystal-therapy[Image: Getty Images]Believed to emit energy properties from deep within the earth, crystal therapy is said to work in conjunction with one’s own electromagnetic field by raising the body’s vibrational levels and refracting light into the aura for positive, healing energy flow. “Natural elements from the earth are used in holistic medicine in order to create balance,” explains Orna Fisher, MD, chief medical director at Illuminate Face & Body Bar, with multiple locations in Southern California and one in Las Vegas. “The energy fields and beauty of various crystals can positively influence our well-being and give a sense of peace and harmony.” With the rising popularity of holistic, organic and natural skin and health care, it’s no surprise that consumers—including spa- goers—are increasingly embracing the power of crystal healing treatments.

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To enhance the spa experience, Illuminate Face & Body Bar incorporates complimentary crystal therapy into each offering. Because different crystals have unique properties—such as promoting love, power, clarity, creativity or intuition—clients are paired with one that correlates to the area of life they wish to improve. “We decided on crystal therapy because of its wellness benefits, versatility and roots in mindfulness,” says Dr. Fisher. “The application options are vast. We invite patients to do what feels natural, whether that’s holding the crystal in their palm during treatment to feel positive energy, or placing it elsewhere instead.” At the end of each service, guests take their stone home and are encouraged to integrate it into their daily lives, from room decor to DIY jewelry.

miraval-arizona[Image: Courtesy of Miraval Arizona]Miraval Life in Balance Spa in Tucson, Arizona, offers the Path of the Jaguar (50 min./$205) for clients seeking a “transformative” spa treatment, says spa director Simon Marxer, adding that visitors enjoy “learning about crystals’ energetic qualities and how they improve well-being.” The interactive healing session is led by a shamanic provider, who employs indigenous chakra-cleansing practices that enable clients to release negative or heavy energy into a crystal matched to them. During the service, which includes light bodywork, clients are guided in restoring their energetic balance; afterward, they bury their crystal on the property to symbolize leaving negativity behind.

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Crystal Ritual Spa in Reno, Nevada, blends together crystal, reiki and sound therapy in its Holistic Energy Healing service (80 min./$110). Owner and registered holistic practitioner Sharon Seraphina begins by pinpointing which chakras are being blocked, then creates a crystal grouping tailored to the client. Placing crystals around the room and on the guest’s chakra points, she focuses on vitameditation—short for vitality meditation—to restore energy and prompt a multi-level healing experience. “Working purely with the energetic level of being, crystal healing can induce a deep relaxation that aids the body and leaves clients feeling light, free and empowered,” says Seraphina.

–by Sarah Reyes

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