Taste: Parfait Pairings

A deceptively healthful yogurt parfait that’s simultaneously light and protein-packed.

Image courtesy of Cedarbrook LodgeImage courtesy of Cedarbrook Lodge

Image courtesy of Cedarbrook Lodge

Located on 18 acres of restored wetlands a mere mile from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Cedarbrook Lodge boasts a unique urban-yet-eco setting. Cognizant of the hotel’s natural surroundings, management has gone to great lengths to implement eco-friendly practices, from placing low-energy TVs in the guest rooms to planting culinary herb, fruit and vegetable gardens to supply its onsite Copperleaf Restaurant.

The award-winning, farm-to-table eatery reduces its carbon footprint further by serving dishes that feature sustainable ingredients from local independent artisans. Think seafood, cheese, truffles — and some of the nuts, berries and grains used in this deceptively healthful Huckleberry Yogurt Parfait, a treat that soars in popularity in December.

“This parfait is a delicious alternative to the heavy desserts we often indulge in around the holidays,” says culinary director Roy Breiman. “Guests love it because they know that, while satisfying their sweet tooth, this dish also gives them a protein punch that keeps them energized throughout the day, plus a burst of antioxidants from the berries.”

Get the recipe for this Huckleberry Yogurt Parfait with Honey-Baked Granola in our December digital edition!

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