Dayspa Is Now WellSpa 360!

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When Dayspa debuted in 1996, wellness was already a hot topic in the world of spa. Vichy showers and hydrotherapy were growing in popularity, spas were swapping out glasses of champagne for plant-based elixir shots. By 2006, Dayspa had grown into a publication that primarily focused on esthetics, albeit with wellness as an ever-present companion. Spas continued expanding their wellness offerings, and so too did Dayspa report on emerging trends, such as spa vacations that delivered holistic mind/body experiences like meditation, yoga and labyrinths.

A decade later, and Dayspa’s skin care coverage consistently ran alongside popular wellness practices like halotherapy and healing indigenous traditions, from Japanese forest bathing to Mexican temazcals. The following year in 2017, the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) reported the wellness market to be worth $3.72 trillion, making it one of the fastest growing and most resilient markets. The wellness industry as a general entity encompasses 10 sectors according to the GWI, including Spa, Fitness and Mind-Body, Thermal Mineral Springs, Wellness Tourism, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, among others.

Now more than ever, health and wellness is a top priority for consumers in all walks of life. The global wellness economy’s growth shows no signs of slowing, either, with Research and Markets predicting that it’s expected to increase a CAGR of 4.10% from 2021 to 2026. It’s clear that, as spa-goers around the world demand services that address their well-being inside and out, there is a need for a brand dedicated to information for the professional wellness market.

Dayspa decided to meet that need in 2020, reworking our content to focus on the treatments, amenities, rituals and take-home care that address the client as a whole person to achieve a sense of calm and balance physically, mentally and spiritually. And, after months of planning, Dayspa is happy to announce that in addition to its new focus, it also has a new name to reflect this important work: WellSpa 360!

WellSpa 360 is the premier resource for wellness spa professionals, bringing wellness to you, your spa spaces and your clients—360 degree whole health. Our content hones in on four main pillars:

Within these pillars, we focus on professional wellness like no other brand has before, providing the latest on-trend tools, techniques, business advice and research needed to support clientele’s good health and well-being journey—as well as your own. 

As part of our rebranding and new focus, we're also holding the inaugural WellSpa 360 Expo, with two days of business and wellness education for professionals. Don't forget to register today!

The team at WellSpa 360 is eager to head down this path with you, and be sure to subscribe for more professional spa and wellness coverage. Here’s to being well.

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